Hey all! *Insert excuses for not being around, working on other projects*

My Magic is almost ready for the world to see! I’ll be featuring it as soon as it hits google play market place, and that’s what has been keeping me busy the most recently, after work 🙂

Here’s a couple random creations for now! First one has a story. I was checking that the handsome bulky man on the intro screen of Magic online Beta client was actually Giddeon Jura, and I found the original image.



And I realized I didn’t know about the one in the back, between Garruk and Koth. I looked her up and found the original image from Brad Rigney and it turns this lady here is Kiora Atua. I looked her up and she’s a Simic planeswalker with a love for big sea creatures, and it kinda makes me feel like she might very well show up in Theros and apparently I am not the only one thinking that way… So I made a very of her!

1381271482 (1)I can tell you, it is hard to balance Planeswalkers! I started with a 4 loyalty, 5 manas version of Kiora with a +1 ability, but when I decided to make her +2 (used to be +1) not so powerful, I decided to make her easier to cast. I think her +2 is fairly powerful, though very obviously narrow. Come to think of it a low power + ability and a narrow minus ability, that’s probably killing Kiora a little…

I really wanted the third ability to be possible. It had to be: put big sea monsters into play. I toyed with the idea of having Kiora transform lands into only islands, but that would have been too powerful. I think I might make other versions of Kiora in the future, and if you look her up you will find plenty!

1381269092Card number two I’ll just take it you will recognize. Not that much to explain about it either, I find the version I made very fun and flavorful 🙂 It’s not too bad as a card, and I can’t see how it would be too powerful either, since you could get removal at that price. Quick shout-out to the creators of the amazing cosplay I used on that card, it’s MissSinisterCosplay on deviant art.

You can also check out Dan Forden if you don’t get the flavor text (shame on you).


That’s it for now! I promise I’ll come back soon with awesome things to share 🙂 Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Intermissions

  1. Is Get Over Here supposed to give -2/-0 until end of turn? If so, it should say until end of turn. I like the planeswalker, though I think the +2 and the -8 with a different -1 would feel more mono blue (and as is doesn’t feel all that blue green to me).

    What do you mean you’re going to put “My Magic” on google play marketplace?

    • Ah thanks, it was a typo. My magic APP is almost ready 🙂 You’re right about the -2/-0 as well.

      I guess the -3 is a greenish effect mixed with a blue one but doesn’t end up feeling that GU. Wanted to have Kiora defend herself. If I want a typical Simic control effect I’m going to have to think harder… Challenge accepted !

  2. The -2 ability indeed feels green, but the other two feel very mono blue (I like the +2 and the -8, they just feel mono blue). Here’s a UG Planeswalker I designed
    Freyja, Lady Hawk 2GU
    +1 Choose a nonlegendary creature on the battlefield. Targt creature becomes a copy of that creature until end of turn.
    -1 Put a 2/2 blue Bird creature token with flying onto the battlefield.
    -4 For each creature you control, put a token onto the battlefield that’s a copy of that creature.

    • Nice 🙂
      Isn’t it mostly pretty blue as well though? I feel like the ultimate is the most greenish. Also, I was thinking it’s usual to have the player + his planeswalker at least 2 or 3 times before ultimate, don’t you think?

      • This planeswalker is slavishly based on Garruk Wildspeaker – probably a lazy way to design a planeswalker. You’re right that clone is usually blue, though I had Cytoshape in mind (and more recently Bioshape Mutation) which are blue/green cards.

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