Random ones

Hey there. I figured that creating random cards was taking me less time than repairing my old designs so I’m taking a little break from it. Plus after my last post I had some great feedback from Wylliam (check his blog out, he’s making some great card design himself) on my planeswalker and it made me want to make a blue and a blue-green version of her.










Wylliam suggested most of the abilities on my previous Kiora were very blue, which was very true, and the -2 was not (I tried to mesh a green effect with a blue one though), so I figured I could try and make a blue version. I fixed the -2 to be more blue, but then again I really wanted to make a green-blue Kiora. I think there is space to make something much more thought of and flavorful, but as far as blue-green goes I decided to make it so Kiora was transforming creatures. I’m guessing she is more or a summoner so that might not be spot-on for flavor, but I really enjoyed playing with transforming creatures as a boost (+1), pseudo-removal (-3), and ultimate (+6). Note that those are blue, green and green-blue abilities, respectively. I also decided to make it a little easier to trigger the ultimate since it’s a tiny bit less powerful than usual ones (compared to Elspeth for example), and she still can’t protect herself with her + ability.

1381381868Let me squeeze a couple card ideas I had recently now. Gather against the Strong is a quirky concept. The smaller your creatures are compared to your opponents, the more cards you will draw. This has the benefit of being a little balanced I guess, but you don’t really want to be in that situation in green usually. So to keep Gather against the Strong under control I forced the double green there.

I feel like it might be hard to value the power of that card, as it does little to nothing when you are ahead on board.



Now Calm Before the Battle. I don’t think there as been a white twist on Fog before, and there really should, fog being such an iconic, yet usually underpowered effect.

Now there is obviously a risk that you would be able to make way too many dudes for 2 manas. I figured that in that case you were being attacked by a lot of creatures, so you might actually need the help. Still, preventing all damage, making 4 guys could devastating on the swing back.

So I don’t know, maybe it could even be rare…

Do you like these cards? I’m having way too much fun making new ones like that; I can let my imagination runs more freely and have lots of fun with new ideas. I will probably do it more often now. Hope you enjoy!

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