Return to Return to Ravnica, Part 2

Happy Monday everyone! I do hope you enjoyed the previous batch of guild-hybrid cards from Return to Ravnica, because I kept the most fun ones for today. Please check out last week’s post if you haven’t yet and need to understand what’s going here, but it’s pretty simple if you are familiar with the edition. Now let’s jump right in.

Tenacious_Mangler_by_Tenacious Mangler. Gruul/Golgari. Two guilds very enjoyable to make work together, because they are straight forwardly based on creature’s size. This could lead to very lean design, even with two guild mechanics in one card, as usual.

Tenacious Mangler fills the bill, with a sweet +3/+4 bloodrush, a good 3/4 body if played, and a whooping 3 +1/+1 counters for 3 with scavenge. And you are guarantied to get two out of those 3! It is fairly cheap, but reasonable, considering the card is 3 colors. I like it a bunch.

Allied guild: Rakdos.


Obzedat’s Preachings. Orzhov/Selesnya. I do like this one as well! Go figure. Because it’s pretty simple, I guess. And because I find it fun to add extort on tokens.

Finally, and that wraps this pretty simple design, those who played in Return to Ravnica will remember Eyes in the Skies, and how you can always populate some other token if you do have one, like a 3/3 or if you’re lucky a 4/4 trample or a 8/8 vigilance!

Allied guild: Golgari.


Cross-faction_Arrester_by_Cross-faction Arrester. Boros/Azorius.

Another beautiful one, because of the simplicity of its design.

This time I managed to squeeze the two guild abilities into a single one! Feels good and powerful, and for a 3 colors 2/3, it should be.

Allied guild: Izzet.




Grave Walker. Dimir/Golgari. Maybe not the most faithful design of the bunch. Almost all the other ones actually contains the mechanics from their guilds, and this one contains none!

It works in the spirit of said guilds though. Golgari will appreciate the self-mil aspect, and Dimir will enjoy getting to either mil the opponent, or have an unblockable creature. Loading it up with scavenge counters won’t be too bad either! Cute design, but not powerful or even synergistic enough.

Allied guild: Simic.


Breeding_Pool_Sentinel_by_Breeding Pool Sentinel. Simic/Azorius. Fun little one. Mixing evolve with detain is what you want to be doing in that little exercise of mine, but I wish I found a more powerful way to do it.

A 2/3 for 3 different colors will take a little long to build up to be able to use the detain more than once, and when you do that it will go back to being a 2/3. The good part is that it will evolve again, potentially for-virtual-ever, but still it’s a little slow.

Allied guild: Selesnya.


That’s it for those! It’s been really fun. I think some day I might revisit those designs, fix them a little and look for illustrations to make them look beautiful 🙂 Hope you liked it, don’t hesitate to send feedback!

Have a good week 🙂

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