I’m the Simic Oracle!

What? I need catchy titles, you know. Here’s what this one is about. Do you remember a post on this blog in October, mentioning an important Planeswalker named Kiora that has not been printed on a card yet? I made a couple version of her, trying to capture the essence of her character.

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Well, guess what. Kiora, the Crashing Wave has been revealed to be part of the upcoming Magic extension Born of the Gods! Here is what she will look like.


As you can see Kiora is indeed of Simic colors, though that much was known. She has a medium/low cost, similar to what I designed but that’s mostly lucky. She also has a pretty low starting loyalty.

The merfolk queen (I’m assuming she is one) has an ok defensive +1, which on my side was absent in favor of a minus ability. If her ability turns out to be efficient enough though (which I’m not 100% sure about), it’ll do her much good, obviously, as she will be able to progress nicely towards her ultimate, which is ridiculous as expected.

You see, Kiora was actually known to like big beasts, as you can sometimes find them in the depths of the see. Krakens, Leviathans, Octopus, even giant lobsters, she loves them all like her own children. My own blue version of Kiora has a pretty similar ability, and to be honest I think I might have designed the exact same one, in an earlier stage. Though I guess I went for something a little less ridiculous overtime and a little more instant effect, which in the end is probably even crazier.

urbanNow the middle, “minus” ability is the nicest. I reckon I have seen other designers play around with this one. You see, one way you can fairly easily design a planeswalker is to pick known cards, and make them abilities. And one or two designs I’ve seen for Kiora did have Urban Evolution stapled to it. Obvious downside is that it would be way to powerful of an effect as is. To be honest I think the designs I’ve seen were at least “-2” abilities, and were enabling the user to draw “only” two cards. Kiora, the Crashing Wave has a very nice twist to the ability, keeping it to one card for one loyalty counter.

Will Kiora crush in limited? Probably somehow. I’m still wondering about her being VERY powerful though. 4 Mana for a 2 loyalty… The defensive ability will protect her only from one source, so if you can afford to spend two resources one her, she’ll be vulnerable. Worse, a Lightning Strike and she’s fried shrimp! That’s a little sad (and delicious). Her ultimate is obviously over the top, but that’s all she’s working for if she pluses (is that a word?). On the other hand her minus is very nice, especially for control decks who just love drawing and playing lands. I guess Simic or Bant control might be back in force next month, stay tuned to figure out!

Talk to you soon, have a great week.

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