Multi-faceted Gods

Hey everybody! There has been a few more Born of the Gods spoilers, but as I said last week I don’t intend to reveal and comment everything. What I do feel like doing though, is talk some more about the new Gods of Theros. In my previous article I have introduced Ephara, God of the Polis. There is something I missed in my review though, her ability triggers at the beggining of each upkeep! This changes a lot, because you don’t need to be casting creatures with flash for her to take effect. Every time you will cast a creature on your turn with Ephara on the board, you will get a free card at your opponent’s upkeep!

This is great, but not the main topic. Let’s introduce a new god for the sake of today’s presentation. I just decided that I don’t even need to show you all the ones that I’ve been revealed so far; instead I will showcase one god with a sweet, sweet illustration from the up and coming Peter Mohrbacher: Mogis, God of Slaughter.

Mogis-God-of-Slaughter-Born-of-the-Gods-SpoilerYeah, pretty badass. Now here’s about how to activate them. For each mana symbol among the permanents you control, check if the the symbol is of the right color (here red or black). The way it does NOT work is “add red and black devotion”. Let’s see what the difference is with two distinct board states.

Image (1) ImageDevotion to Red: 5

Devotion to Black: 2

Devotion to Mogis: 5

Not 7! Because there is 5 colored symbols on the board, and they are indeed black or red. Mogis isn’t a creature.

Image (4) Image (3) Image (2)Devotion to black: 3
Devotion to red: 5
Devotion to Mogis: 7!!!

Go ahead, crazy you, attack with that magnificent Minotaur God. Nice board, by the way. Somehow I thought this was more unintuitive, but looking at it now it doesn’t seem so bad. Just remember to count each symbol only once. What it means though, is that you don’t get freebies for hybrid mana, apart from the fact that those often have only colored mana in their casting cost. It will enable bi-colored decks to try and play the god game, but I can’t help wondering how efficient you can make it, and this for a simple reason.

Who is playing gods in standard? Mono-color decks, for the great majority. If they have 5 colored mana symbols on the board, they will be of the colors of their god. Now what about a red-black devotion deck? It will need 7 colored mana on the table, 7 distinct ones. At this point a mono-colored deck would have a devotion of 7 too, so the commitment to the board would be the same, but in practice we have seen that it can get tricky reaching a devotion of 5, let alone 7.

SPOILER ALERT: Now what might be the exception to the fact that mono-colored decks are the ones running gods? Gruul (red/green). Because of the color combination being a classic one for mana ramp, with green’s great ability to make green and multi-colored mana, and a couple cards like Burning-Tree Emissary and Xenagos the Reveler. So maybe the Gruul god has a good chance to be played then? Is it good? Well here is our spoiler. I present to you Xenagos, God of Revels!


Excited for the pre-release yet? I sure am! I would love me some Xenagos in limited, that’s hell of an ability for a gruul deck. Maybe I will pick some more cards to show you until then… Either way, have a great week!

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