Bird, Spider, and… Remorse?

Hey all!

I got inspired (get it) while creating the ordeals last time and I really wanted to create more weapons for the new gods of Theros, but this will have to wait. I have started working on yet another project, similar to the previous one but of smaller scope: create limited decks for me and my friends.

So for those who don’t know about limited, this is what happen when players make their deck on the fly with freshly opened boosters. Those commonly contain around 23 cards, so it’s definitely easier to create than a full 100-200 card edition. In fact, I’m already half way through creating my second deck! I want to keep working on it for a little bit, so I figured I could share some of it!

dawnjayDawn Jay.

Isn’t this guy cute? I had a random thought about Birds of Paradise and wanted to make one of my own. I didn’t shoot for something that would be as crazy as Noble Hierarch, or even Deathrite Shaman, but I thought I wanted my bird to be 1/1, with flying obviously, so it meant I had to tune its power down.

Dawn Jay would have been close to as powerful as Noble Hierarch if it had made green mana, and I didn’t need that either. I also didn’t want green to get to much ramp. So here it is. I think it’s good!


Evernight Recluse.

I don’t know for sure this one design is well balanced, but it just looks so good! I liked Dawn Jay too, but this is something else.

Reach isn’t canon at all for black, but I don’t see that being a breaking infraction. To make sure to have a great bear card, I definitely had to cut something though, and not being able to block is perfect for black.

Well this one spider will only block flyiers. I really like it; I hope you do too.



I’m good at flavor! Right?

It was important that I could create some removal that aren’t crazy premium removal like Hero Downfall, since you don’t always have that kind of luck while playing limited.

An example of a no-so-great one is Avenging Arrow. I had this great idea to mitigate the downside of getting hit first by the creature you want to destroy: gain some life back! Makes it quite fun, and guilt is definitely good flavor for that.
I made cool cards for this project, but I will flatter myself and say it would be just awesome if they were all neat little designs like the ones above. Now I still have a lot of work to do on interactions, and the coherent design of a whole set of cards, but it’s nice to feel improvements. It also goes to show that a nice design is made great by the illustration and overall flavor of the title, mechanics and sub text.

Good stuff. I hope this got you looking forward to some more design soon, because I’ll be working on it right now!

Have a good week!

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