Magic salad

Hey all! I’m still being very busy these days, but I do want to keep writing so I decided I would do more free form articles like I did last time. This time I don’t have 5 cards for 5 colors, so let’s call it a salad to stay in the culinary theme. Diving right in.

Lohk, Scourge of Akroa

Lohk, Scourge of Akroa.
There are so many minotaurs in Theros, but no legendary one. I wanted this one to be good, but not too splashy. As a consequence it has pretty simple mechanics, but is still very powerful!

3/4 for 4 aren’t always very sought after in constructed, but then again minotaurs aren’t either. In a casual deck though, Lohk is going to unleash Hell if he comes after a couple other minotaurs, especially after “lords”!

What do you think?


Vicious HellspawnVicious Hellspawn. Another Rakdos card, if we count minotaurs.

A creature that gets smaller as more creatures enters the battlefield is a very interesting mechanic flavor wise. Making it good isn’t as easy though.

With Vicious Hellspawn in your opening hand, if you are starting and your opponent doesn’t play a creature each turn (turn 1 and 2) you can already attack with at least a 3/3. With some removal, speed, luck and its built-in ability, it might even be good! Needs testing though.

Prismatic SextantPrismatic Sextant. Spoiler alert, I’m thinking of making a series of tools and professions – like farmer, warrior, explorer, priest etc.

This one isn’t related to professions per say, but would fit perfectly the exploration theme, which is often what we call fetching for lands. If not this version I really want to see some land fetch equipment!

As is, it will cost you 4 and a “tap” to fetch your first land, and you will likely be able to fetch another 1 or 2 by only paying a few manas and using a creature afterwards. This could be combolicious!

Corrupt With PowerCorrupt With Power. As I keep repeating, cards are hard to balance. Basically any card could work as long as you balance it right, but that doesn’t make it simple!
This one also delivers a power that I want to see out there: stealing planeswalkers.

One thing that I took into consideration is that you don’t want stealing a planeswalker cost more than killing one plus playing one. I didn’t want to create a 6 mana spell either anyways. By hurting both the player and the planeswalker, did I make the card balanced? I’m afraid not just yet but I’m trying!
Someone on MTG Cardsmith mentioned that it is very hard to main deck a card that’s only of any use when your opponent does control a planeswalker, and they might be right about that, so maybe Corrupt with Power isn’t nearly as powerful as I initially thought.

Everfrost Wyvern.

There is no way I would pass on such amazing art. I even tried to look the author up for credits but failed.

The card is somewhat not very daring, but what can I do? Magic has such a strong flavor that it’s hard to move away from the “frost taps creatures and prevents them from untapping” paradigm. This gave me an idea though, maybe I’ll try and break free from all that color pie crazyness, see where I land 🙂
As is, my wyvern is a beautiful flying Frost Titan.

I like this sort of articles. They don’t impose much on my but to write an article about my various inspirations – and I do get those several times a week. I hope you like them because I don’t have time for much more these days. See you next week for more, have a great one!


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