Hi all! A few days ago, I got carried away into a theme that will entertain us for two weeks: making new dual lands. Today, we are going to look at the allied color ones, for those into the Ravnica guilds, that would be Azorius, Dimir, Gruul, Selesnya and Rakdos.

One thing I wanted to play around with was mana maths. If you look at the bounce lands from the initial Ravnica block, you will understand that it’s not trivial how many mana you have each turn after you play them. Let’s make a quick calculation with my first land,

azorius3Frost Canyon.

When you cast Frost Canyon, it virtually replace one of your lands, – great if for example you are stuck on two swamp in a white-blue-black deck -, but if you sacrifice it, it will actually ramp you one mana next turn, as your initial land will finally untap.

I almost published a broken version of this card, then realized I had to fix it. The “frost land” effect and the last ability I really wanted to play with though, so I had to keep making the card more complex to allow such things to happen.

I could have opted for coming into play tapped instead of costing 2 life but if I did that, playing Frost Canyon would net you -1 mana when entering the battlefield, and that would be pretty bad. This is what the Ravnica bounce lands and we want something more powerful.

There is an advantage to using lands that produce two manas – for example if you untap them – and the extra ability can be a fringe advantage, so I guess Frost Canyon could be playable, albeit a tad too complex.

dimirWitch Canyon.

What other downsides can we add to dual lands?
The one on Witch Canyon is very straight forward, you can only use its mana to play noncreature spells.

I think this would still be considered too powerful, even though not broken, just because of how great it would be in control deck! Imagine all the Doom Blade and Essence Scatter it could cast.

That being said, Cavern of Souls is pretty great for creature decks too! Not all of them, I guess.

gruulDeserters Camp.

Now we’re varying it up! This Gruul dual land wants you to pick a fight.

Giving a 2/2 to your opponent just because you want to play a double land is possibly a high cost to pay. To be honest, most of those creative downsides I have never tested against the advantage they provide, and it’s fairly subtle.

That being said, Gruul can deal with a lowly orc! They are almost the best suited for that, along with the next guild:

selesnyaHalfling Temple.

Turns out this one is actually similar to Deserters Camp. Selesnya might indeed be best suited to deal with pesky little creatures, so if you want this land, you will have to deal with two 1/1 human elves.

It’s arguable which is worse, two 1/1 or a 2/2, but what’s definitely the best, is that you can choose if you’d rather have the land come into play tapped!

Obviously, either 2/2 is stronger than two 1/1, or we’ll have to fix one of those cards!

rakdosForges of Insanity is our last land.

Possibly my favourite of the week, I don’t know if it will turn out to be powerful at all but it is fun. For those who don’t know, fateseal is just like scry, except your opponent does it for you.

Jace’s first power has been mostly experimented with and abandoned by Magic developers for being too powerful – you don’t want others to choose what you will play! To help with that, I left the player the choice to let the forges come into play tapped instead. It’s one of those I’d love to test but I think it could work!

Let’s have a look at tokens from the Gruul and Selesnya lands!
halfling orc








Sadly, I couldn’t get them to be of two colors, but otherwise they look great! I have to admit it doesn’t make me want to see them on the other side of the board just because I played a dual land… I’ll probably test them though, those lands are just pretty and flavorful.

Next week, prepare yourself for the enemy color lands! I think they are my favorites, so you better be excited. More importantly, have a great week!

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