The Choice is Yours

Hi all! I’m still experimenting with the blog format, and for now I think I’ll be doing two cards a week. It won’t be too hard making two, and on the other hand I think it might be frustrating to stick to only one! I came up with bunch this week already.
Now the theme for this week is… Choice! If you go all the way back to my very first post, you will be reminded that I believe choice is the most valuable thing to look for in a card, after raw power – though power is mostly an all-encompassing arbitrary attribute. Turns out the goal of the two cards I’ll present today is to add a little bit of versatility – choice – into classic effects.

bloodsacramentBlood Sacrament.
This instant combines Doom Blade and Diabolic Edict.
This will cost 3 black mana though. It may seem a little intense but please consider that the card can be either targeted – which is practical when there is one very important target in the middle of a few creatures – or non targeted removal – which is great when you are trying to deal with an hexproof or pro-black creature.
This spell takes care of both Blood Baron of Viskopa and Master of Waves, which is no small feat. I wonder it should have been able to target black creatures as well…

searchforparadiseSearch For Paradise.
The biggest downside to Rampant Growth is that it is not very useful late in the game. You usually don’t want to spend a card to fetch an extra land when you already have 7 or 8 of them in play.

By just bumping the price of the spell by 1, – making it two and a green – I gave it the ability to make a bird token. There isn’t really a good card with this ability, but we can mention Beckon Apparition.
I also offered it instant speed, which is – very – big deal, and I don’t know if it’s ok to leave it there. I think so, but that makes for a pretty good card.

I really like making spells more flexible. It’s always very exciting to add dimensions to something you already know well, and to try and make it useful is even more scenarios. Those very often make for great cards. What do you think about them? Are they worth spending an extra mana?
I hope you liked them and can’t wait for more; now is the time to say bye and see you next week!

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