Le Flash

Title shmitle. Guess what, we are less than 10 days away from this blog’s first anniversary! I came up with a few things to celebrate, so it should be fun.
Today though, we are going to consider the current trend of creatures becoming spell-like. As you might know, a long time ago creatures in Magic used to be way underpowered compared to spells, and some argue that it wasn’t enough fun. I think I would agree to that. I want summon spells to be happily bashing into each other’s faces, making every attack or block matter in a strategic and fun way. Creatures are a very fundamental aspect of Magic, aren’t they?

So what’s this “creatures becoming like spells” about? Well, if you want creatures to be good and maybe even better than spells, you can simply give them some spell-like effect when they enter the battlefield. The best that come to mind are Man-o’-war and Flametongue Kavu, and more recently Snapcaster Mage and Restoration Angel. This week, I will add to the list and hopefully create some great ones!

KerathanKerathan Scout.
This one is an obvious mix between a spell and a creature. So much that it actually looks like a spell with a body attached to it. The fact that it has flash obviously helps with that feeling.

“Fetch land” is a classic type of spell, and here it’s still the most important part of the card. But like with Search for Heaven from 3 weeks ago, the creature half will help make it somewhat relevant in the long run. I balanced the 1 extra mana – based on similar spells – with giving it reach and the fact that the lands comes into play untapped. The last bonus might actually be too much and need to be removed though.

1405966149952471Paragon of Restoration.
This one is pretty obvious. It was designed as a smaller version of the aforementioned Restoration Angel. I knew this would be a fun exercise – mostly because I like this effect very much, and also because I love powerful white 2 drops – and I’m pretty happy with the result.

It’s cheaper than the angel, which makes it Snapcaster’s best friend, and it is small enough that it is balanced for that price. Also think of Flickerwisp for comparison.
I’m seriously considering play-testing it in my cube, because of all the fun interactions it would enable.

How do you like those creature/spells? This seems to be a very deep design space, and I will definitely revisit it several times in the future. I especially like the idea of making cheap creatures with good effects on them. It’s obviously hard to make sure they are not too powerful, but not quite impossible.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s celebrations and so should you! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome week.

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