I have to postpone our anniversary. Too much work this week, and it happens that last Thursday my laptop died, taking with it a lot of my blog’s work and some of my Magic app as well. More than anything I’m swamped and demoralized so I didn’t feel up to make the celebrations happen this week. Hopefully I will have caught up with most of what’s on my mind – and plate – by the real anniversary, which is on the 30th!

Instead, we are going to delve into the power of the mind this week. I wanted to create very powerful spells, and see how expensive they would have to be. One of my angles was that they needed to be instants, and that would be a great part of what makes them powerful.

MindNovaMind Nova.

How much more powerful is discard at instant speed? As it turns out, it’s not completely rare. Since I really wanted today’s spells to be very powerful and high cost, I decided to combine the discard with some draw effect.

5 manas of two colors for an almost literal 4-for-1 – I’m not certain discard counts for a full 1 – effect? Sounds like a spell that is worth casting, doesn’t it. It’s hard to tell, since tempo is important with that kind, and 5 is steep… Could it be 4? At least it enables graveyard synergies, if you target yourself.

MindSeizeMind Seize.

This card’s sole purpose is to make control magic more powerful and hence expensive.

The upsides of making it Instant are obviously the surprise. It can be a blowout if your opponent attacks you with two creatures and you steal one to block the other, or if you steal something at the end of your turn and attack your opponent with it right away!
When trying to figure out a proper cost for such an upgrade to the effect, I thought it might be better at 6 or 7! Even with 3 blue mana, 5 is pretty pushed.

So… I’m trying to keep afloat and take care of my work duties and all the fun stuff that I want to do on the side, catch up on my app and blog, etc. I do hope I’ll rise on top of all that for next week’s post and finally the anniversary celebrations! Send me good waves, and have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Brainiac

  1. Regarding “Mind Seize”:
    Just to be picky (and annoying), you cannot do: “It can be a blowout if your opponent attacks you with two creatures and you steal one to block the other”.
    Indeed, if the creature attacked, it will be tapped and unable to block 😉 (or, Vigilance becomes your friend in this case)

    But there is a chance that your opponent kept another creature as a blocker which could be used for that purpose 🙂
    (and once again, I’m just teasing here ^^)

    That being said, it IS a freaking powerful card! Even though the triple blue mana cost makes it harder to cast, man! This is a removal at instant speed which gives you more power on your side of the battlefield!
    I’m sold! 😀

    As usual, good job buddy!

    ~ Guess who I am 🙂 [spoiler alert: email address]

    • Yay, totally 🙂

      I got confused because I’m used to the potential of using red effects like this that way.
      Like Act of Aggression, which untaps the thing.

      So yeah, you’re super right about it. I wanted to make it 4UU, but I could imagine people complain about that… Maybe not 🙂

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