We Have a Winner

Hey everybody! After about a hundred votes, we finally have a winner to our 2014 design contest, and it is Binding Ritual with 63% of the votes! I’ll be honest I’m glad it’s over; it was a lot of work! Ritual was also one of my favorite, though for reasons previously mentioned – mostly templating – it would have looked even better in the Return to Ravnica block, as an Orzhov equivalent to Detention Sphere.

Binding RitualSome people called it unimaginative, which I think isn’t quite fair for a card that is a deliberate twist on a popular design. I believe some have called it too powerful, but others also said it could have costed only a white and a black, as it only targets creatures.

Like I said last week, the last version works better in multiplayer, since you might give the life you stole from an opponent back to another one. That’s just a detail though.

All in all I’m glad this design was enjoyed by many.

Redditor IAMACasualRedditor is the lucky winner of the contest and gets a steam edition of the game Terraria – an awesome 2D clone of Minecraft, with more weapons and monsters! I’m stocked to have discovered the reddit community of /r/custommagic, which is full of amazing creators and great feedback. I will spend a lot more time there in the near future.

One of the recurring topics on this subreddit is card mashups. The winner of the previous round will post a random card, and all participant will also figure out their own card at random, and mix both of those in one new mashup design. Let me give you an example.

Click here to see a random magic card.Mashup

I had to pick two cards at random to play on my own for this post, and I picked Patron Wizard and Reprisal.

TPatron Warleaderhe result is Patron Warleader! I was on the fence about keeping the triple white mana cost, but consider this: alongside a turn 2 knight, you can start killing attacking creatures with power 2 as soon as turn 3!

In fact, if you played a 2 drop vigilance knight – which isn’t that rare – the turn before, it can attack nicely, without worrying about being blocked!

Either way, I don’t imagine the card is constructed playable, but isn’t it a blast to create designs that way? I think it is great. I also had some fun with the flavor text, and obviously the name.

If you can’t get enough of my designs, don’t hesitate to check out my reddit profile, as I’m posting extra designs there every now and then.

Either way, it’s time for me to wish you a great week, so see you next time!

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