Going green (again)

Hey everybody. How are you liking Khans of Tarkir? I’m having a nice time with it myself; so far I made a Sultai and a Temur deck and they were both pretty good and won most their matches!

I wasn’t sure what theme to use for this week’s article, so I figured we could keep it green. It’s not the first time I do a full green article, so I guess I will have to give back to the other colors soon! Let’s start anyways.

Sultai PlantationTalking about Khans, our first card is related to the Sultai brood, one of the 5 clans of Tarkir.

This enchantment will get you reach creatures to survive longer, while putting your access lands in your graveyard to enable your delve strategy.

At first I was thinking of making Sultai Plantation a green Seismic Assault, but I couldn’t figure out a way to have defensive creatures be as good as 3 direct damage. Limiting to a subset of basic lands, I though might allow me to create just slightly more powerful tokens. 1/3 could be interesting maybe. Keep in mind I only made it uncommon though.

Kholna HunterKholna Hunter is a design I wanted to make for a little while. As you can see, the idea is to enable your creature to untap and block, with the caveat that it will be smaller.

I considered making the cost 4, but a 3/3 for 4 blocking as 2/2 seemed slightly unexciting, so it is now an uncommon 3/3 for 3 – including two green.

Now when you make a card that can untap like this, it should raise some flags. Hence the extra mana cost. As it is, you could already give the hunter an ability and use that ability twice more a turn for 2 manas, which is still potentially broken…

After the enchantment and the creature, we get to finish with a green Planeswalker! It’s also a great name in Magic’s folklore: Gaea, Embodiment of Life.

Gaea Embodiment of LifeShe was said to be a goddess. Now she is the embodiment of – half of – NaturalizeCultivate and guess what, Gaea’s Anthem. Not too shabby, huh? I do like that I based her of anthem, making it one more mana for the planeswalker form.

+1/+1 emblem is fairly low for a planeswalker ultimate ability, which should keep the power level in check. Same goes for the other two effects, but even though Gaea is nothing too powerful, I do find her interesting, and to be honest I enjoy a mild – but not actually bad – planeswalker a lot.

I have to say going green is nice. It’s the second time now, and it makes me wonder if green designs come more naturally to me. We shall see; I will try and be fair to the other colors in the coming weeks.

I’ll see you then, so you all have a great week!

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