Seeing Red

Sticking to the dad jokes! I’ll see if I can do something different for the title next week 😉 Well no need to explain what exactly is going on this week, if you have seen our green and blue articles, you know what’s about to happen and we’re good to go!

Hymn to the FlameHymn to the Fire is a good old X mana burn spell. Usually this kind gets a “boo it’s not original” but let’s say I’m doing a development exercise.
Convoke was originally a Selesnya mechanic, and only printed on two red cards in M15. Hymn to the Fire actually compares poorly to Stoke the Flame, as it costs 2 extra mana.

But how about versatility? In the long run, imagine an aggressive red deck sitting back on 3-4 mana and 3-4 small creatures unable to get through. Thanks to Hymn to the Fire, those are worth 6-8 direct damage! If your Rabblemaster tokens stuck around somehow, this could be pretty good.

Blaze ElementalBlaze Elemental is my attempt at creating the mystical great red 2 drop. A creature that duplicates itself every time it hits. Seems pretty good, doesn’t it? Obviously there is the potential to kill it right away, block it, or let it spread once and kill plus block, etc.

On the other hand, say you let it go through once and can only block from there on, well there will be two of those, and one will always get through. But that’s not all: what if the player using this card can remove your blocker? What if they play two Elementals?
This is going to get out of hand pretty fast.

Blaze Elemental obviously has the potential to be busted, but I’d like to know how it compares to Goblin Rabblemaster and Pack Rat, strategically and mathematically.

Pretty exciting either way, isn’t it? I’m fairly happy with this red designs this week. The last one is really on the edge and might be broken, but if it’s not it seems to me like a fantastic answer to the ancient question: who will challenge Snapcaster Mage, Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf and Stoneforge Mystic?

I hope you enjoyed those. There are two more articles left in this cycle, let’s see which color gets the spotlight next week!

Now I want to invite you to a special bonus feature called: “check out my draft deck”. Arguably I need to rework the title a bit, but I’m so happy with how it turned out, I couldn’t help myself. I really wanted to draft a 5 color deck and boy was I rewarded! Look at this beauty.

4 colors

Trail of Mystery is a powerhouse, me and my friend stole several games on its back. Icy Blast is also amazing, Sage of the Inward Eye and Surrak Dragonclaw are obviously fantastic as well. Add some Trap Essence, tons of great morphs and spells… We didn’t even play our Siege Rhino!

We even won through starting with 80 cards due to a mtgo bug…

So much fun. Hope you are also having fun with the new expansion, and I will talk to you again soon. Until then, have a good one!

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