Hey everybody! Welcome to our 6th article and bonus round of this color-centric cycle: colorless. As you might know, Artifacts don’t have as strong an identity as other colors, and they get to do a little bit of everything, usually in a less powerful way.

Same goes for creatures. Their metallic counterparts are usually tuned down in efficiency and impact. Speaking of which, let’s start with our first card:

Tribe Crusher

Tribe Crusher. In my mind, 3/3 Trample for 4 is a little pushed for an artifact, but not quite too much. Trample is also ok for colorless creatures; I checked and one of them is also a crusher!

I came to this design with the idea of making an artifact that would be protected against its natural enemies Naturalize and Shatter.
By making Tribe Crusher not targetable by those colors, I see that I also protected him against red direct damage and green fight, which is extremely good. I had to make sure you couldn’t target your crusher with pump spells either, to keep him reasonable in limited.

Blade of the Masses Blade of the Masses is another amusing design, though possibly too cute to see print.

You might enjoy it limited, as it could be a “vigilance” equipment for white decks, a “first strike” one for red decks – which sounds better -, etc.
Things get more interesting when used on multi-color creatures, – white black sounds pretty good for example – which is why I didn’t include deathtouch in the mix…

Also note that I didn’t want to use flying for blue, to not make it too strong for limited.

Frozen ObeliskOur last card this week is Frozen Obelisk.

To be honest I’m almost surprised this design doesn’t exist yet. It’s very classic and elegant – by that I guess I mean it’s simple – and I can’t imagine it being overpowered even though it’s a mana stone for only two mana, which is usually pretty good.

I also think Frozen Obelisk isn’t too weak. Maybe it wouldn’t get any constructed play, but limited is littered with less useful “stones” like this one.
I could also definitely see someone exploit its tempo to fairly good effect.

The Obelisk is by far my favourite design this week. Quick shoutout to my girlfriend for helping me fix the flavour text on it, as she often does. I think the crusher could also be made into a pretty good card, possibly just by tweaking its stats. For the sword, I think it’s possible as well, though the design is ultimately a tad too cute. It’s a sword that does something different for every color after all! What better way to close our cycle.

I won’t spend too long on the conclusion, but it’s been tremendous fun doing color articles. It helps giving me focus and I think ultimately coming up with better designs. I’ll probably do more of that in the future!

I’m looking forward to talking to you again next week, and see where inspiration takes us. Until then have a good one!

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