More Games

Hey all! Last week someone asked me to make more video game designs and I couldn’t resist the ego stroke; plus it’s handy to have a theme ready for today! Let us see what games I picked and what cards they inspired.

Alexstrasza Dragon KinAlexstrasza, Dragon Kin. This one I saw randomly in a forum, and she almost made me pick “badass” as today’s topic. I figured she could be a half-dragon human, which I’m envisioning Dragons of Tarkir could include and guess what, she is actually a dragon in World Of Warcraft!

Her ability reminds of those from Fate Reforged dragons but overall she looks more like a buffed Prophetic Flamespeaker. For power balance I shied away from 3 power, and I made the self mill obligatory as a downside, along with “cast” to prevent free lands. Haste was given as a tradeoff, from that base.

Dynastys KeepDynasty’s Keep. I had a hard time thinking of a game that compelled me to make a card for it. So I wondered “what is the game I play frequently?”. The answer was Rogue’s Legacy, a great and fun indie game in which each time you die, your kid or grandkid takes on the fight.
Meanwhile, you better your castle’s training rooms so that each generation becomes stronger than the previous one.
And this is what Dynasty’s Keep is doing as well! Every time your “Legacy Heir” token dies, you will get a new one at the end of the turn and the keep will get stronger. After several generations they will get new abilities as well.

Legacy HeirYou can see the Legacy Heir token here.

Obviously the biggest issue with this design is how complicated it is. I had to try hard to make it even fit inside a card. I think it’s almost ok at this stage but probably too confusing still.

It’s hard to figure out the exact power level of that card, used without a sacrifice outlet. At best you can make your token die every turn and get a better one. 2 turns later you have a 3/3 first strike, 5 turns later you have a 6/6 first strike vigilance likelink. That’s at the end of those turns, so all in all I think Dynasty’s Keep is a fair design.

Great stuff! Still a lot of fun to make those, even though I wasn’t too sure what game to pick to begin with. I hope you enjoyed them; I will now wrap up by mentioning that my friends and I are going to attend GP San Jose on Saturday, which is a Fate Reforged team sealed event. That should be fun! I’ll tell you how well we did.

Time to wish you a great week; see you next time!

Awesome Cards Done Quick

Hey everybody. I’m pretty busy this week so I will be quick. Last weekend I watched a few hours of the yearly charity event Awesome Games Done Quick, during which gamers do speed runs of tons of great games in order to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Having seen several hours of it I figured I could use it as an inspiration and make cards based on video game characters. Here they are.

Rocket KnightRocket Knight is quite obviously based on Rocket Knight Adventures. It’s an awesome game, check it out if you have’t yet!

Just as in the game you can charge your jetpack for a moment then use it to fly away. I feared 2 power in the air with double strike would be too great, but I figured this one costs you a turn to activate. Added to summoning sickness, it gives your opponent two turns to deal with it. I’m sure there are still a few fun ways to “break” the card.

Boros might have been a better fit than Izzet for the knight, but the flavour was just too good.

Firewood ElementalFirewood Elemental. I was looking for a design for Megaman, taking his abilities from enemies, when I came up with this. It’s a stretch, but Dark Impostor and Necrotic Ooze already exist after all.

Firewood Elemental ends up being a modular creature that I think could exist even though two damages on a creature that costs 2 and has another pretty powerful mode is definitely pushing it quite a bit.
Think Flametongue Kavu meets Solemn Simulacrum. I see this elk being more powerful than the latter.

Good! I think this week’s designs are definitely in need of fine power level tuning, but they are definitely fun and interesting. I like the flavor too so colour me satisfied. I hope you like it too, and are looking forward to next article. Have a good one!

Mostly Dungeons

No dragons! Earlier this week I realized that some very famous monsters didn’t have a dedicated card. Working from the first design idea I had in mind, I tried to find some angle for an article about cult creatures and I found the following one: famous Dungeons & Dragons monsters. So without further ado, our two cards!

Treasure ChestFirst is Treasure Chest / Mimic Chest! The famous chest monster.

I pushed the flavour a bit, creating a card that can be both a real chest and a mimic, but that’s a way to convey the deceptiveness of it. What I think I failed at though, is giving a good enough incentive to play it!

Gelatinous CubeGelatinous Cube
is another very famous Dungeons & Dragons monster.

They tend to be sneaky monsters using stun tactics to slowly kill creatures stronger than them, hence flash and “chill effect”.

The way I see, the cube is a cousin of Wall of Frost than is trickier thanks to flash and can attack for 1, and so it justifies its way lower toughness.

Correct me if I forgot something but I think we have a balanced design here, pretty playable in limited blue decks.

Fun times. As weird as it sounds I got the feeling that Dungeons & Dragons was slightly harder to adapt to Magic, and I think it might come from the fact that most of us geeks are familiar with the identity of the two worlds.

I wouldn’t say the mechanics were so hard to design – not that I’m saying I did my bestest job either – but the flavour was the awkward part, especially when selecting colors.

Either way this was a good exercise and I’m glad I came up with the idea this week. I hope you liked it, see you next week for more!


Welcome to our first 2015 article! As I mentioned previously, I am going to keep it simple and focused from now on. Today’s theme is black creatures. It won’t always be so specific but it turned out that way this time. Let’s see what we have:

Jubilating SadistJubalating Sadist came to me a while ago. The inital idea was to have a “-1 counter elemental”. To do so, the assassin comes with a free counter, and can create more using his ability.

A few limitations are needed though. Firstly we want to make sure the power cap is low, to not create another Skinrender. Second, we can’t count our own counters. Too many cards make it easy to create -1/-1 on your side. Some creatures even arrive with those on them!
Lastly, a good power check is the fact that if you put too many counters on a creature, it will die and they will go away.

Soultrapper GeistSoultrapper Geist I a fun little utility creature, possibly great in “black suicide” decks.

I don’t know that the wording is perfect, but I’m surprised such card doesn’t exist yet! For some reason I really like the “muse” format of a 2/2 flyer for 2BB, though if we wanted it to be a better creature it could probably be costed 1BB.

A fun side note is that if you play Jubilating Sadist against Soultrapper Geist, you can activate its ability and destroy the Geist just before you creature dies, and it will have costed both players 4 manas.

That wraps it up for today! I’m glad it was fairly easy this week since like I said before the mere act of posting on wordpress, facebook, twitter, reddit, imgur, on top of making the cards and writing the article is no walk in the park!

I’m still very happy of doing it so I hope you enjoyed and I’ll be seeing you next week. Have a good one!