Welcome to our first 2015 article! As I mentioned previously, I am going to keep it simple and focused from now on. Today’s theme is black creatures. It won’t always be so specific but it turned out that way this time. Let’s see what we have:

Jubilating SadistJubalating Sadist came to me a while ago. The inital idea was to have a “-1 counter elemental”. To do so, the assassin comes with a free counter, and can create more using his ability.

A few limitations are needed though. Firstly we want to make sure the power cap is low, to not create another Skinrender. Second, we can’t count our own counters. Too many cards make it easy to create -1/-1 on your side. Some creatures even arrive with those on them!
Lastly, a good power check is the fact that if you put too many counters on a creature, it will die and they will go away.

Soultrapper GeistSoultrapper Geist I a fun little utility creature, possibly great in “black suicide” decks.

I don’t know that the wording is perfect, but I’m surprised such card doesn’t exist yet! For some reason I really like the “muse” format of a 2/2 flyer for 2BB, though if we wanted it to be a better creature it could probably be costed 1BB.

A fun side note is that if you play Jubilating Sadist against Soultrapper Geist, you can activate its ability and destroy the Geist just before you creature dies, and it will have costed both players 4 manas.

That wraps it up for today! I’m glad it was fairly easy this week since like I said before the mere act of posting on wordpress, facebook, twitter, reddit, imgur, on top of making the cards and writing the article is no walk in the park!

I’m still very happy of doing it so I hope you enjoyed and I’ll be seeing you next week. Have a good one!

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