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No dragons! Earlier this week I realized that some very famous monsters didn’t have a dedicated card. Working from the first design idea I had in mind, I tried to find some angle for an article about cult creatures and I found the following one: famous Dungeons & Dragons monsters. So without further ado, our two cards!

Treasure ChestFirst is Treasure Chest / Mimic Chest! The famous chest monster.

I pushed the flavour a bit, creating a card that can be both a real chest and a mimic, but that’s a way to convey the deceptiveness of it. What I think I failed at though, is giving a good enough incentive to play it!

Gelatinous CubeGelatinous Cube
is another very famous Dungeons & Dragons monster.

They tend to be sneaky monsters using stun tactics to slowly kill creatures stronger than them, hence flash and “chill effect”.

The way I see, the cube is a cousin of Wall of Frost than is trickier thanks to flash and can attack for 1, and so it justifies its way lower toughness.

Correct me if I forgot something but I think we have a balanced design here, pretty playable in limited blue decks.

Fun times. As weird as it sounds I got the feeling that Dungeons & Dragons was slightly harder to adapt to Magic, and I think it might come from the fact that most of us geeks are familiar with the identity of the two worlds.

I wouldn’t say the mechanics were so hard to design – not that I’m saying I did my bestest job either – but the flavour was the awkward part, especially when selecting colors.

Either way this was a good exercise and I’m glad I came up with the idea this week. I hope you liked it, see you next week for more!

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