Awesome Cards Done Quick

Hey everybody. I’m pretty busy this week so I will be quick. Last weekend I watched a few hours of the yearly charity event Awesome Games Done Quick, during which gamers do speed runs of tons of great games in order to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Having seen several hours of it I figured I could use it as an inspiration and make cards based on video game characters. Here they are.

Rocket KnightRocket Knight is quite obviously based on Rocket Knight Adventures. It’s an awesome game, check it out if you have’t yet!

Just as in the game you can charge your jetpack for a moment then use it to fly away. I feared 2 power in the air with double strike would be too great, but I figured this one costs you a turn to activate. Added to summoning sickness, it gives your opponent two turns to deal with it. I’m sure there are still a few fun ways to “break” the card.

Boros might have been a better fit than Izzet for the knight, but the flavour was just too good.

Firewood ElementalFirewood Elemental. I was looking for a design for Megaman, taking his abilities from enemies, when I came up with this. It’s a stretch, but Dark Impostor and Necrotic Ooze already exist after all.

Firewood Elemental ends up being a modular creature that I think could exist even though two damages on a creature that costs 2 and has another pretty powerful mode is definitely pushing it quite a bit.
Think Flametongue Kavu meets Solemn Simulacrum. I see this elk being more powerful than the latter.

Good! I think this week’s designs are definitely in need of fine power level tuning, but they are definitely fun and interesting. I like the flavor too so colour me satisfied. I hope you like it too, and are looking forward to next article. Have a good one!

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