Just Designs

Hey all. This week I’m not going to stick to an obvious theme, though if I have to pick one I guess it would be something like “semi-competitive two color cards”. Quite the mouthful. I was recently thinking that the successive top-down articles were getting a little repetitive and somewhat contrived, so I let my imagination run free for this batch of designs.

The fact is the cards that you are going to see still emerged, one from a concept-idea and the other from art I found online, so they are not purely mechanical designs. In the future, I want to make cards for the sake of their playability, simple and lean designs, most likely commons or uncommons that are useful in limited mostly if not only. But this is not yet the subject today, as you will see right now.

WeremanticoreCard number one is Weremanticore. As you might have guessed, the this is the one illustration that inspired me with a design.
The one important point is I wanted the card to cost 4. Look at those hasty creatures that cost 5 manas: it’s a land of dragons and other crazy things. At it stands, for 4 manas I think Weremanticore is a high power creature that shouldn’t be considered broken, though I guess the highest risk for that would be graveyard shenanigans.
Still don’t see a deal breaker just yet, mostly I think I pushed the envelope for a great Rakdos creature.

Kerathan UnmakingHere is some straight forward design for you now, it’s called Kerathan Unmaking.
Had I made it an instant, it would have been a strictly better Naturalize, which in all fairness might still be possible, but I don’t have that kind of guts today! I don’t think anybody would care too much that the card is “free”, not with all other free cards that aren’t as narrow as this one.
It’s close enough from Naturalize to be playable here and there, but what I don’t know is whether or not there is an incentive to play it over other removal cards in highly competitive formats such as modern or legacy. I would assume not, but who knows; being “free” surely has its advantages.

And that wraps it up for today! It’s refreshing to work without particular constraints, but I’m looking forward our next article, even though making lean, mechanics-oriented designs is the hardest task. We’ll see what comes of it! Until then, you all have a great week.

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