C’est Mardu

Hi friends. This is going to be another one of those straight to business articles. I bet you heard me say that more often that you wish you did but I have too much on my plate these days to beat around the bush for too long. This week we are cracking some skulls or hopefully will, by making some Mardu cards. Here it comes!

Mardu Assault Leader Mardu Assault Leader is our “cater to a need” card. I have ask on /r/lrcast what card is missing from Mardu decks and I got a couple interesting answers. The problem I chose to try and solve is “useful 1 drops”, and I also made it something that is ultimately aggressive, as a Mardu 1 drop should be.

I feel like Assault Leader is very powerful, but I don’t imagine it’s unfair… I could be wrong, since usually not giving any downside to a pure “this could be two things” card is risk, and both side of this card are fine: a 2/1 for 1 and a 2 damage spell for 1RR, or 1R if already in play.

Olorae BloodcrazedOlorae, Bloodcrazed. As it turns out, all the planswalkers I’ve made so far are women! Why not, that’s fun – cue joke about ghostbusters.

It’s been pretty hard figuring this one out, and I’ll be honest I was running out of time as well. I definitely wanted to make a PW that wants you to attack, and I wish I found something better to do than creating a creature, because I want to get away from the “needs to protect itself with a creature” paradigm. I tried making it so that each creatures attacking would add loyalty to Olorae but I couldn’t balance that in time. Her ultimate is also somewhat boring, so I think this PW needs rework.

But that is what we get this week! I do think Mardu would have benefited from some more effort on their designs, but ultimately the cards still look so cool and they open a couple very interesting design spaces. I would definitely use the designs above as a base and modify and balance them for the final cards.

I hope you liked them! Next week will be our final week with Abzan, right in time before the Dragons of Tarkir pre-release! Crazy how time flies… I’ll see you next time!

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