Naya Care Bears

Hey everybody. So yeah, funny story I was off on Monday and I ended up not posting my article yesterday mostly because I thought it was still Tuesday… It gave me an extra day to add a design to this week’s article though, that might make up for the wait! This week we have an interesting theme, that I will call “protectors”.

Those little two drops of Naya colors – white, red and green – are here to defend their color’s favorite strategies. Let’s see how they plan on doing that.

Volarian BodyguardVolarian Bodyguard. I recently discovered that I was misusing my green tribe of Volaria for white cards so here we are, back to my fictional roots.

This elf knight is pretty straight forward; he will simply flash in and protect one of your creatures against an opponent’s spell.

I could have made him more flavorful or color pie aware by restricting the colors of the protected creatures or the targeting spell, but I figured the card is well enough balance to not want to nerf it any more. I don’t even think it’s really competitive in any format as it is though, but that’s ok.

Alarian ProtectorAlarian Protector is a little bit spicier.
Protecting creatures – often a multitude of small creatures – is something white loves to do. Indestructible is definitely the right flavor here, but it has to be conditional otherwise it would really be annoying.

I find the limitation to be interesting, albeit only mildly useful. At the very least it can force your opponent to deal with your threats on their turn, and it somewhat combos a little with wrath effects.
I picked First strike thinking I had still a little bit of space to make the card better and I preferred that over Vigilance or Lifelink.

Kaskan BlazekeeperKaskan Blazekeeper is our bonus card, and it asks the question: ‘how much can a red mage protect his or her burn spells?’

I am not very familiar with that particular question, but I opted to answer ‘a lot’. Competitive burn strategies already have Eidolon of the Great Revel now, but I could definitely see them side this shaman in, for blue match-ups.

I still don’t see the design being overpowered but I am very open to being wrong on that. I still opted to give him a slightly less relevant Trample ability where Haste would obviously be best, just in case.

I really enjoyed today’s theme, so I hope you did too. I helped myself from wanting to complete the pattern with blue and black, though I wonder what I would have done for them. Protecting zombies or graveyards? Helping spells to be cast at instant speed for blue? It’s hard to protect blue because it tends to be the disruptive color, and hardly make you feel like it needs help against control bullies.

Either way it’s been a great week, I hope you liked it and I’ll be seeing you next week! Have a good one.

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