For Art

Hi all, this week we are back for some illustration inspired designs. I didn’t have a particular theme in min, plus I did find some great artwork recently, and I can never look at one for too long without coming up with a card! Let’s start with the serious card, then we will move on with the splashy one.

Coerce with WitsThe idea behind Coerce with Wits is to dissuade your opponent from launching themselves into a counter war.
Say you want to counter a spell with Coerce and it is countered in return. Now, if you counter that counter targeting your counter – are you still following? – and succeed, the draw clause will kick in.
The issue with this spell is I didn’t see the appeal of having it cost 3 mana, so I decided to go the restrictive route and make it a noncreature spell for two blue manas.
It should still attract most blue mages!

Angelic War Leader if our big splashy mythic rare.Angelic War LeaderShe gets bigger as creatures are dying on the battlefield and at some stage she snaps… If everything plays out well she becomes a 5/5 for both blocking and attacking once, then turns into a 6/6 to block and attack one more time as an Angel. Finally after witnessing the one too many death, she will turn into a 7/7 flampler to block one turn and then wreck havoc, for as long as people keep on dying around her… Bleak.
I checked for power level and rare and mythic Angels for 6 manas have pretty potent abilities so considering it takes several turns for ours to turn into a Demon, it seems the costing is fair.

I tried to make sure she doesn’t transform if you just put a couple counters on her via a separate effect, as I figured casting Give on her would be too powerful otherwise.

I also made sure she diminishes a little faster if creatures don’t die, by making her black side check every single turn, while the white side only does it during yours.
Would you add Angelic War Leader to your Commander deck? I know I would definitely try her out.
Well, that’s it for another week. It’s been good, some truly inspirational artworks in there. Hope you enjoyed, I’ll be talking to you next week!


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