A Knight in the Mist

That’s it, I’m switching to creative titles! How do you make up one for two randomly themed designs anyways? As you will see, this week’s cards mostly add up to this. Let’s not wait any longer and just get to it.

Rethik KnightRethik Knight is, well, the Knight part; you might have guessed.

It’s a very simple design, that I probably don’t need to explain for too long. That being said I’m surprised nothing of the sort was ever printed.

As far as power balance goes, I think it’s fine. It fares ok among other RW creatures, and is possibly slightly underwhelming compared to very similar ones like Wojek Halberdiers, which is why I made him common.
After further consideration though, I mostly think it’s good enough for uncommon.

Long Awaited RainNow for the Mist. Long Awaited Rain isn’t quite a mist actually, but if you are a Magic veteran you will know that its core mechanic is called a fog effect.

I really like this instant. I think it would become one of the commonly disregarded yet more powerful than given credit for designs in limited. That type of cards tend to not get much love there.
I have noticed a tendency from Wizards to create some limited playable fog effects though, I hope this would be one of them.

You could use it as a buff, a fog, and even a removal if you are lucky enough. Fun times.

This was all pretty straight forward, yes? One thing I wanted to do was simpler, limited oriented designs. I think I might have still erred somewhat, in the sense that I couldn’t quite produce obvious commons but still, close enough. I’m pretty happy with how things turned out this week.

I hope you enjoyed those, I will be back next week for more! Have a good one.

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