Supersize Them

Hi all. There is an interesting phenomenon happening regularly with my articles: I get inspired to create a design, then start wondering about how to tie it to a theme. The fun part is to get to the essence of the first design – what makes it special – then try to apply it to others.

What found for topic today is “beeffing up familiar one mana creatures” and here is the original card that made me come up with it.

Nyhil LeechNyhil Leech is the supersized version of a one drop deathtoucher like Typhoid Rats. Cards like this are now a staple in limited.

What can we do if we bump up the cost to two manas? This ability I came up before I gave it to a cheap creature. It is much like lifelink, except it doesn’t care how much damage you dealt, rather how big the opponent’s creature was.

I then remembered that it’s the same ability you can see on Abattoir Ghoul, except I think it synergizes with deathtouch in a much more fun way. Neat little creature, wouldn’t you say?

Ranger of the Green CrownRanger of the Green Crown is quite obviously a bigger Elvish Mystic. We have had examples of two mana “elves” recently with Voyaging Satyr and Whisperer of the Wilds.

Now this guy, he might contradict New World Order a bit. He is creating a tension between being a two drop that wants to go to battle and being a mana elf for two, which usually comes with an upside that’s related to making mana, not attacking.

Now, saving this for last as I just realized it: the card exists!! Silly me… It’s Golden Hind.

I won’t be able to make another card on time, and it’s a fun fact anyways. I’m sure Golden Hind might have been in my subconscious but I’m still happy I “came up with it”, and the only significant difference I had from the original is rarity. Pretty cool, right?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s article; I am now going back to a very busy week myself. Have a great time and see you next week!


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