Hi all. Great news: this week, we’re creating a mechanic! It has been a while I wanted to do that. To be honest what I had in mind was an even simpler type of ability, but I like what I ended up with. Let’s not wait any further and see what it is. To elaborate on the theme, this week we have a common, an uncommon and a rare.

Tamlin BerzerkerTamlin Berzerker – seems wizard actually writes with an s – is our common and our keyword is… Reverberate!

When the creature dies, you get a token copy of its vanilla self. In that respect it is very much situated between Persist and Undying, but somewhat simpler.
Our new mechanic presents the one major inconvenient that it’s hard to represent with a token, but I’ll be hopeful that we can solve that. Flavor can be built around it too. It create a great design space for creatures losing their abilities.
The Berzerker himself I think is an ok red card, not great but playable – not even begrudgingly.


Cathedral CrawlerCathedral Crawler is next.
This one was harder to balance. As it turns out 4/4 for 5 green uncommons do have a nice upside at times, but I did want to add Trample and/or Reach to the spider, and that did restricted me in terms of potential power level as I didn’t want a 6 drop either.As you can see I opted for both, but I had to tune down the creature by taking one toughness away from it.
What do you think, is it reasonable now? Seems like a very solid creature to me.


PainmongerPainmonger is our rare and final card. It is as well the most hard to evaluate and balance, but it gives off a good vibe to me. It reminds me of good old “Suicide Black” strategies.
What I wanted for black was obviously to make a creature with a downside, that will lose it in its reverberation form.
I played around with a creature that only dealt damage to its controller first, but I didn’t like the way it came out. It would have had to be way too good to compensate. I ended up making the effect symmetrical and much more powerful by consequence. I think it’s still printable though.


That wraps it up for this week and our new mechanic Reverberate! I hope you liked it, like I said I believe the token representation is a major issue, but otherwise I love the idea of it. Have a go at it, see what awesome designs you can create with it, I do think it’s got potential.
Either way, now is time to wish you a great week and say see you next time!

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