Times They Are A Changeling

I should search the mothership for this title, it sounds like something Maro would come up with. “Changeling” is a little bit of a stretch though, today we are going to look at copying effects.

But first, a quick announcement: we are today celebrating the two years of Bullzzai! Last year I organized a tournament that spanned over a month. I don’t think I will have time for such thing this time but hey have a drink to celebrate some time this week, will you?

With this out of the way, let’s look at today’s first design that I took out of my vault of drafts – it’s really a single post-it on google keep – as I was late to prepare for this week…

Call in the EchoesCall in the Echoes is a cute design.

It plays a lot like a combat trick and helps you block by basically doubling the creature you casted it on. Hardly more powerful than Smite if it was only for that, but the marginal enter the battlefield upside is a great add.

On the paper it could get out of hand but I don’t imagine a one time thing would be that damageable, especially considering we already have Mirror Mockery. Now do we want an intricate effect such as this one on a mere uncommon, that’s a different question.


Unstable EntityUnstable Entity has potential, though ultimately it is probably also a cutesy design. Whenever entering combat, it will look for a creature from the top of your deck and become that card.
I first made it cost only 2 and transform only when blocking, as I was afraid of enabling things like attacking with Emrakul on turn 3. Later on though, I told myself that this would still make for a wacky deck if that’s what you want to pull off. Maybe it should still cost 4?
The other point is that Unstable Entity triggers on attacking, so the creature that you copy won’t have its own attacking trigger happen.


That wraps it up for the week, as well as our second year! I keep my designs by calendar year, and I can see 2015 is already full of cool stuff. It isn’t always easy keeping up with the one week article routine, but for now I’m still having a good time most weeks.


I have to say Magic Set Editor and DeviantArt are basically powering me out, as it really helps a lot to see a great looking card at the end of the process. Here is to another year, I hope you will still be following, whoever and wherever you are!


Have a great week,

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