Enchanting and Legendary

Hi all. Last week I came across a new group of designers and they inspired me with today’s theme. Someone posted a challenge to create a legendary enchantment – now you know all about this article’s title – and it turns out I came up with more than one. Want to see them?

Curse of the Witch HuntCurse of the Witch Hunt is a classic flavor-fueled design. Curse a player and everybody must throw themselves at them until they are dead.
When they are though, their last action will be to put the curse on someone else.

I believe that such a binding effect should cost a lot, there’s actually a chance it shouldn’t exist at all!

This is either useless or strictly negative for the caster in a two player game but it’s ok: in some editions – mostly multiplayer ones like Conspiracy or Commander decks – we have seen cards like this before.

Into the Blind EternitiesInto the Blind Eternities. As inspired by another designer’s contribution, we are now looking at cards’ watermarks. This is obviously completely new, and most likely not doable, if only because some cards don’t have the same watermark in different printing – including FNM and pre-release version.

I find the concept highly entertaining though, and reminiscent of City in a Bottle, another very weird card that wouldn’t be printed nowadays but has fantastic flavour. If you are not familiar with the Blind Eternities, they are the space that separates all planes of the Magic Multiverse.

And those are the cards! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.
Spoiler alert this theme gave me a few more ideas for Auras that I might dive into next week. Until then you all have a good one!

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