Bound in Black

Whatever that means. Hey everyone, as I announced last week, we are going to look at auras this week. What I didn’t tell you is those will be auras of a particular kind: black auras. The murderous kind. If you are ready to proceed, so am I.

Vengeful HexVengeful Hex is today’s spin on removal. I don’t remember how, but it came to me while working on legendary enchantments.

I’m having a great time playing with alternate ways of destroying a creature. This should be considered very – too? – strong in current limited environment because it destroys any creature, but don’t miss out on the fact you need to deal damage to that creature, which in most case should mean spend another card to destroy it.

Since the downside is more than largely compensated by the draw, still a powerful aura.

Binding of FateBinding of Fate comes from the same design space as Vengeful Hex.
This time though I think it’s more of a mix of One Thousand Lashes and Stab Wound. Same as previously binding has the downside of not killing the creature right away, though in this case it can happen on your next turn. I am hoping this offsets the sheer power of almost-direct removal that even gets through indestructible. Might be a tall order.

Cheery on top, every turn you get the possibility of subtracting 2 life out of your opponent instead of killing their creature. This is probably a greedy choice but I think it makes for a neat design.

And that’s all of it! I’m saying this just about every time but even more than the cards I’m really excited about the creative spaces we found here. If I had more time to make a full project out of them and polish them I do believe great things could happen.

As of now I hope those are a nice treat and tasty food for your thoughts, that would already be great. Enjoy them and have a great week!

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