Hello, hello. Today we are looking at dramatic effects, world shaking spells. There is also a narrative: we are going to talk about war, and then what comes after.

Utter DestructionUtter Destruction.

This one would be war. The story of the design is I was looking for something chaotic and violent to make all players do.

Seems like we ended up on the violent side, with all creatures getting bigger and destroying permanents. I wanted something splashy and a lot of destruction, and I wanted all players to have access to it, to cause a great war. I hope this annihilator-light effect won’t be too disruptive… It would definitely shake things up a lot if played in a multiplayer game, like commander for example.

Utter RemorseUtter Remorse.

This is what is supposed to happen after a total war. If you haven’t noticed, each creature is inflicting its own strength to itself, which I thought was a nice flavour for remorse.

This is ultimately a very powerful, very build-aroundable effect and as such I wanted to make it cost a healthy amount. I ended up making it three colors instead as a parallel to Utter Destruction. I hope that works, I’m thinking you can make it great if you build around it, but you can’t do anything about your opponent’s creatures surviving if they have a higher toughness either.

That wraps it up for today. Those really make me feel like creating a cycle, but I didn’t have time and pushing for a cycle always create a chance of ending up with slightly contrived designs. Plus the two don’t actually share a mechanic. I think I’ll definitely give it a try though!

Whatever happens, I will be seeing you in 7 days. Hope you all have a great week!

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