One Hundred

We are finally there! I have been mentioning it regularly for the past couple weeks and this time it is really happening. You are witnessing the hundredth article on this website, the first three digit entry in this series already over two years old.

I listen to a few podcasts and it’s always amazing to hear about episode two, three or four hundred. It gives a sense of longevity and achievement that I do feel today. I have never tried and market this blog for a wide audience, I don’t know the ropes and I don’t know for a fact that I would have the patience, but I am pretty content with improvements in the quality of my work over the years. There is still a lot of room for growth and that will come as long as I keep having fun making those cards.

I will now offer you a couple more for your weekly dose, and then move on to some bonus announcements. We are doing Eldrazi creatures today!

Brood HarvesterFirst is Brood Harvester.
It dawned on me pretty quickly that Eldrazi Scions could easily be made to create mana of any color, sort of similarly to how Manaweft Sliver brings the colorful fun to Slivers.

I do think extending mana-making to non colorless is fine, the same way Eldrazi spawns now have all colors in their cost.
As far as balance I think it’s a pretty low power one. Less powerful than Beastcaller Savant, I made sure it didn’t have to tap for its effect. I don’t think it is abusable as is, but I could be horribly wrong. You tell me!

Twilight ReaperTwillight Reaper is a fairly obvious cousin to the great Oblivion Sower except this one is going to steal creatures from your opponent, something I was very surprised Eldrazi from Battle for Zendikar didn’t do already.

I did want the reaper to be less powerful though, hence you can see that I turned down just about every possible knob on his design – even more so than I had to just because creatures are better to get than lands. Possibly a little too much?

Developing for constructed is scary and hard, and all I wanted was a playable rare in limited.

Hope you enjoyed those devoid creatures.
Now for the special entry: I am throwing a contest for this 100th post! The topic is cards with 100/Hundred(s) in the title OR in the rules. I don’t want too many forced designs mechanics so I’m completely open to flavor matches as well.

I’ll be posting soon on reddit/r/custommagic and a private magic designers group I am part of on facebook, and I will discuss the winners next week! There will be many steam keys available for the winners, including a bunch of Indie games like Super Meat Boy, Braids, Dear Esther, Gone Home, Thomas Was Alone and more.

That will do it for today. Once again thanks for reading, I hope you have a great time checking out my new designs every week. Here’s to a hundred more, I hope to give you a lot of cool news in the future as well, but for now I’m wishing you a great week! Have a good one.

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