Back to Business

What’s up everybody! Now that we are out of the 100th article craziness and I have picked the winners and distributed the prizes, we can be back to the good old weekly designs routine.

My plan for today was to create two aura cards but I was having a hard time finishing the second one when I ran into an amazing illustration that I had to make a card for. As a consequence, we have a miscellaneous mix this week.

Gruesome SentenceFirst card is Gruesome Sentence.

I hope flavor talk for itself here. Thanks to this fairly cheap spell, you can either prevent an enemy creature from attacking or turn one of your own into a deadly wall.

If you use this aura on an opponent’s creature, admittedly it still gets deathtouch but it’s the price to pay for modularity. On a big one though it pretty much just says “can’t attack”.

I hope you like the flavor of turning someone into a scarecrow, I sure do myself!

Keeper of GalesKeeper of Gales is an illustration I just had to make into a card.

Hope you can see that he has a dragon on a leash which is totally badass, and called for an adaptation of Old Man of the Sea.

This ability is incredibly narrow though, so I needed to make him do something else. I opted for fairly good French Vanilla stats, for simplicity’s sake.

Haste will go pretty well with his first ability, but my dream was for once to make a card that could be played in cube and I don’t think I quite got there…

It is good to be back! I have quite a few designs sitting in my vault so the next few weeks should come nice and easy. I was very happy giving away prices to the participants of my contest so one last time thank you all for participating. I will be seeing you again next week for more adventures.

Have a good one!

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