Wishes Coming True

Hi everybody! Now that we are out of Thanksgiving and other birthday specials, Bullzzai is back to something a little tamer. But only a little! This week I’m actually featuring a full 5 color cycle for a new mechanic: Prayers.

Prayers are meant to be the Instant version of clones, and by that I mean a clone that doesn’t copy a creature but rather an Instant spell. I will now walk you through how this works, in WUBRG order…

Hope for HelpHere you have it: your first Prayer, Hope for Help.

In a classic fashion, the white representative of the mechanic is a 2/2 for 2, which is never terrible and often quite reliable.

The Prayer mechanic, as you can see, means that whenever a player casts a Prayer, all players can then decide to copy it by casting their own Prayers in response.

Anyone can match your Prayer with theirs. You will see soon that most other prayers cost 1 so far, but I don’t foresee this being an major issue.

Hope for a SignHope for a Sign.

I don’t think I have ever made such a simple cantrip card and that in and of itself is exciting. Those aren’t free as they do use a card slot in your deck and a mana, but some times they can be great when you are looking at playing a lot of spells or churning through your deck.

Hope for a Sign has the added value to be able to copy other players’ Prayers for only one mana. Often enough it shouldn’t be better than casting dispel on them but the flexibility is strong there and I do think it would be a great limited card.

Hope for the WorstHope for the Worst.

Tasty, black removal spin on Prayers.

One thing that I knew I didn’t want to do, it make a -2/-2 instant speed spell for one black mana. -2/-1 goes quite a bit further than -1/-1 though, if you know how to work it though, and I know all of you limited players will!

That’s about all there is to it; I do believe it would make for a rather solid removal spell, even though -1 toughness is far from being a universal answer. The flexibility of Prayers should make up for it.

Hope for PainHope for Pain.

Yes, for pain. Why not? This looks to me like a sweet sweet take on Shock.
There are many of those already, and I would say Hope for Pain is one of the good ones.

Prayer is obviously a parasitic type of design – a design that only works in a particular set – but I see no wrong in doing that in moderate amounts.

Note that while some Prayers can be virtually countered when copied, this one will just let your opponent do as much damage as you did them.

Hope for StrengthHope for Strength.

The market for +2/+2 spells for one green is also quite busy, though even a vanilla version of it should be playable in limited.

This Prayer in particular could be invalidated if your opponent decides to copy it. As such I considered making it give +2/+3 so that if copied, the creatures would be more likely to bounce of each other. That didn’t really feel green though.
It might make it the weakest Prayers, as it could really be tricky having any of your opponents able to copy your combat trick. Any opinions?

And that my friends was the Prayer mechanic! I do understand it is a bit unpredictable, but it’s a trade off for the flexibility and what I think is a reasonable color bleed. I don’t think I would want to see Prayers as commons though; it would get rather messy. Let me know what you think about them.

That will be it for today, once again thanks a lot for reading and I’ll be writing to you again next week. Have a good one!



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