Big meanies

Hello everyone, happy new year! Welcome to this 113th episode of Ominous Designs. This blog is the last item on my rebranding task list, and I have been working a lot for that recently! As I have mentioned last week, you can now follow Ominous Designs at Responsible Gaming, on both facebook, twitter, even live on twitch and youtube! As usual from last episode and onwards, you can check out this article in the making as an episode on youtube here.

Today’s theme is bad, mean, not good villains, mostly casual and commander focused. Here we go!

Underworld PreacherUnderwold Preacher is a fun one.
Whenever anything comes back from a graveyard, he will reanimate something else of the same permanent type for you.

I assume this will mostly be useful with other reanimator cards, though right now I’m thinking it’s also quite awesome with things such as Persist, Undying and Unearth.

If you push it a bit, it can also be used with Crucible of Worlds or Obzedat’s Aid. Note that preacher will also do fun things whenever your opponent reanimates things themselves.

Merciless DemonlordMerciless Demonlord.
I wanted a splashy black bomb. And boy is it one!

Demonlord says whenever a creature enters the battlefield, destroy it. Just like that. The only similar effect I could find out there was Lethal Vapors.
I pondered the fact that it mostly means no more creatures, which isn’t quite as bad as Deathbringer Regent‘s ability, and still leaves the door open to some enter the battlefield shenanigans.
At the end of the day I think the game can survive a flying demon for 7 that says no more creatures, but it would definitely be fun for casual.

Those are your cards for the week! Creating my Responsible Gaming is definitely a bunch of work but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I got some amazing logos made for it, and I’m quite happy with the state of the youtube channel already. Obviously you can expect a lot more progress to come.

Hope you’ll enjoy all of today’s content; do check out the videos, especially the latest one that I tried to keep shorter, and let me know what you think! I’ll be seeing you next week, until then have a great time.

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