Life From the Loan

Hi everybody! The lot of you are all very welcome to the 115th weekly article of Ominous Designs. This week’s making of video is already available on youtube, do check it out.

Today we are going to do look at cards that are investments. Now that I think of it, it is about the exact opposite to debt but I couldn’t get myself to change the title. I think it’s a pretty good one.

Lakegreed Hellraiser is our first card. Lakegreed Hellraiser

You might remember Orzhov Hyprocrite, or more generally Phyrexian Processor.
This cute little demon priest here works the following way: you invest some life and you get rewarded by an army of lifelink zombies. It will take some time but the offer is pretty enticing, isn’t it?

You have to pay 2 mana and 3 life and wait a turn for your first, tapped zombie but somehow I feel like this might still be a little too powerful if left unchecked. You can create a 2/2 lifelink every turn! Return on investment: 3 turns after you casted it.

Gift of FireGift of Fire.

This one is a spin on Sulfuric Vortex.

Gift of Fire is all maths and power balance. It is actually pretty hard predicting what is the strength of a red damage spell that starts by giving your opponents some life!

Your reward though, is to have said enchant then burn them for 2 every turn. It goes: turn in play +3 life, next turn +1, next -1, next -3, and then 2 damage onwards. Return on investment: 2 turns after you casted it.

Sheltered GardenSheltered Garden.
What do you invest for in green? Mana. For balance, I tried to learn from Eladamri’s Vineyard and Frontier Siege. My intuition is that the card is mostly fine as is, possibly not too powerful. I don’t think I could make the ability cost 1 though and I can’t really tweak any other knob.

Garden is still a fun card to drop on turn 1 in limited, and I could see a heavy deck invest a couple more turns into making it a reliable source of ramp mana. Return on investment: Depends on your investment. 4 turns if you play it turn 1 and invest once on turn 2.

That wraps it up for the day! Those were fun, definitely even harder than usual to balance though. I am really looking forward to reading people’s opinions on their power level and how we can tweak them. I do hope you liked the cards, now is time for me to wish you a great week and tell you see you next time!


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