United Colors of Colorless

Hi all! Welcome to another edition of Ominous designs, episode 116 to be precise. This week’s making of episode is already accessible on Responsible Gaming youtube channel for you to see. Today, following the Oath of the Gatewatch release, we are going to look at colored devoid creatures with abilities using the new colorless mana symbol. I am loving those and I want more of them!

Void Born ReplicatorVoid Born Replicator is the first one.

This one is very simple to understand. He is the Eldrazi cousin to Kiki-Jiki and the recently banned Splinter Twin.

In classic Eldrazi tradition, replicator at the same time has a competitive body and a very potent ability that uses the colorless mana to justify its power level.

On the other hand I am reasonably happy that using a mana to activate will protect it from being abused the way similar cards have been.

Æther EraserÆther Eraser.

If you watch the video you will see me go back and forth a bunch on this design. Part of it was a top down design from the picture, with the theme of the week in mind.

I tried to make eraser be a hate bear, but this is the closest I got. Just like I said for replicator though, eraser has good stats and a powerful ability fueled by colorless mana. I don’t think it is bad and I don’t think it is too powerful either. Being able to remove an enchantment each turn is ok, it would have been much wilder to remove artifacts that way.

Simple, yes? Those are your designs for the week, I hope you liked them! I think they look good, hopefully they are reasonably balanced as well. Do let me know what you think and comment anywhere, social media or streaming services. Next week I’ll be announcing my upcoming holidays but we have one more article before that.

Until then, you all have a great week!



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