Weird Mana

Hello again, everybody. Today we are going to try and find innovative ways to make mana! This comes in the form of a mana elf and a land, I guess not so innovative just yet. But you will see what spin I have put on those classic tropes.

Keeper of the GroveKeeper of the Grove

Here is the mana elf. Very simple stats on that one but it’s not every day that a mana producer gets you a card!

The balancing of this design is tricky. On one hand, a mana elf that costs 3 is usually not considered a very good one. On the other hand though cantrips are great, and creature cantrips are even better. What can you get on a 3 mana cantrip? Not much, and juste because of that a 1/2 mana maker is probably a pretty good deal. Sort of a booster, but also diluted Elvish Visionary.

Boneyard ValleyBoneyard Valley

Our second card today is a land! And what land. This design strikes me as very dangerous, for obvious reasons. Making tons of mana is tricky and can be abused.
This is why I added an activation cost to Boneyard Valley, in the same fashion as Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. As it stands, our land makes a whooping one colorless mana, if you managed to have 2 colorless lands in your graveyard. Obviously useless in limited but that happens for rare lands. One question stands: can you break it? Maybe dredge can break it. You tell me.

That wraps it up for today! You can see the making of video from the episode here.

I’m in a bit of a rush today, and that’s because I’m going on holidays on Friday! As a consequence I won’t be around for another two weeks at least, most likely three. Sorry about that, I will try and make my return great 🙂 Until then you can always look back on previous articles and videos on Responsible Gaming Youtube Channel.

Time has come for me to go now, I wish you a nice start of February and see you next time!

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