Simpler Things

Hey everybody, welcome back for Ominous Designs Episode 124 (video here). This week, for the first time in about a month we’re straying away from the plane of Innistrad, and back to simpler designs.

Mana SingularityFirst one is Mana Singularity.

The lost child of Fetch Lands and Evolving Wilds is surprisingly simple in design and at the same time not-so-obvious to evaluate in terms of playing power.

I am mostly tempted to call it a low power, in the realm of multi-color lands like Mana Confluence – which I’m now realizing is also a cousin in name.
It’s only upside is to be able to get any color, untapped, for a front cost of 2 life, with a major downside of forcing you to play all sorts of basic lands in your mana base.

Torii at MinamoTorii at Minamo is next.

This one came to me with the idea of a flock of birds, something like a 1/4 flying. I am a bit afraid to give a flying token producer any attack so I tuned the design down to a durdle-y defender that could be fun to play in a limited control deck.

0/5 for 5 is pretty bad in terms of defensive power but if you can afford it, you have yourself a good attack deterrent, especially if you can already threaten to race with a bunch of other blue flyiers. I definitely didn’t push the envelope on that one, but if it gets there it should be fun to play with.

That’s it! Straight forward, yes? This one is a classic case of cards being nice and fun, and having little idea of their exact power level… Which honestly is still the part I enjoy the most anyways, coming up with the creative designs. Hope you enjoyed, I am now off to publish all this content online and tell you

Have a good one and see you next week!


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