More or Less Lands

Hello everybody and welcome to Ominous Designs again, here on the Responsible Gaming Megacorp. This week our cards are centered around lands, and playing more or less of them. We are going to start with playing more.

Kerathan LandkeeperKerathan Landkeeper features my new strategy of pushing concepts by putting them on powerful cards.
Only two Mana to start doubling fetch lands is a little over the top, but at least the only go in hand and they have to be basic. It still makes Landkeeper an extremely powerful card as is. I could see it played in random combo decks including things like Scapeshift, Valakut, Life from the Loam, or even Seismic Assault.

I played around with the idea of making it a huge commander card, but I prefer the flashy over the top constructed version.

Zameck BotanistZameck Botanist is somewhat the opposite design to landkeeper.

This scientist – I wish that was a creature type – will reward you for not playing a land during your turn. Interestingly enough it actually combos with the landkeeper.

For this one I went with a much more reasonable cost, inspired by Prophet of Kruphix and I think it was the right decision. You don’t want a cheap creature that saves your mana screw hands – or rather you probably do, but it has to cost at the very least four to no be ridiculous.

And that’s an episode. So what do you want to do now, play less lands or more lands? It’s up to you! Feel free to tell me what you think about the balance on this week’s cards, I’m happy with the concepts behind them which is the most important to me.

Hope you enjoyed our episode number 131, now is time for me to say see you next week and have a great one!


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