Things Used To Be Free

Hello and welcome to episode 132 of Ominous Designs. I had complete random inspiration this week, and decided I would add to the cycle of Force of Will. To my knowledge only Contagion, in black, follows the same pattern but today we are making a white card and a green card.

Cosmic RayCosmic Ray is first.
The effect that you get here is a pseudo removal of the fairly rare kind previously seen in Celestial Flare. We won’t have much to say about the 5 mana cost that I kept from the cycle, but rather ask ourselves: can this be free?
Removal is a basic effect, albeit powerful, but the fact is there are plenty of great ones for as little as 1 mana – or 0 for Slaughter Pact – and the question almost becomes do you want to pay to cards for it? It seems great against combo decks based on a creature, – hello Griselbrand – and I could imagine hate bears or death and taxes be all over this, but I’m not even sure at all.

Might of the WildThe green card is Might of the Wild.
I started by creating a card that ended up being much less powerful than Invigorate, and yet I was really afraid it would be to good for legacy infect. When I discovered it about Invigorate I decided my card would be a mini Overrun instead.
For this one I have to say I am not sure who would actually need it. Maybe Zoo decks? You would be looking at a deck going wide, with a multitude of creatures and yet having an extra spare card to spend instead of mana for the final effect.
The good part is even with the full price you’re going to get something very similar to the original Overrun, which is good but not played still.

Quick mention that I just realized not having changed the color of the card you have to exile to pay the alternate costs. It is very much an error and Cosmic Ray should exile a white card, Might of the Wild a green one.
That’s going to be it for the day though! This one was particularly hard. I didn’t want either boring or overpowered designs! Turns out that’s a tall order for free cards.

I hope you enjoyed the designs though, I’ll be seeing you next week for more. Until then have a good one!

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