Born of Theros

Hey all,

I’ve just finished designing two limited decks and printing one of the them and I figured I would give you another taste of those.Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.21.06 PMEvery one of those is centered around members of my playgroup, and obviously enough I started with my girlfriend’s and mine, respectively Selesnya and Golgari. I’m really looking forward to play-testing them, but this will have to wait until after this weekend, as I’m going to Austin for South by Southwest. Let’s look into the detail of some of those designs now though, as I’ve created about 50 already!

possessedskeleton2This one is actually not part of one of my decks yet, but I do like it because it would fit right into the Theros block. I’m actually suspecting they might make a similar card for the third block!

Most limited players these days don’t seem to value regenerating as much as deathtouch, though it is true that in recent history regenerators have had a high cost of activation. But the deathtouch bestow guy does exist! It’s Baleful Eidolon.

I think you can’t get away from regenerate costing more than 1, and I’m on the fence for bestow being 3 or 4. This makes Possessed Remains similar to Everflame Eidolon.


Town Eater Hydra is my take on monstruous, and it did make the cut in my Golgari deck.

I find it to be a creature that’s both interesting, playable, and good without being over powered.

I love the alternative cost for monstruous, I think it’s fun and flavorful. I would have liked to see more alternate costs for those kind of creatures.

I had another version of this guys who regenerated and got a +1/+1 counter by sacrificing lands, and another that destroyed lands when it hit.


Firemace Mage is obviously not part of either the Selesnya or Golgari deck. But it’s a great, simple design mostly created by one of my friends and I think I’ll make a case to make his limited deck to be the Boros one, and include this card in it.

Firemace Mage was inspire by Leonin Snarecaster, and becomes somewhat of a Skyknight Legionnaire. It’s not a crazy powerful card, pretty much ok compared to the other two drops from Gatecrash and Theros, but it’s a fun and elegant design, and it fits Boros perfectly.

So it has been a great week for my designs. I’m yet to get better at block coherence, but single designs are making me happy these days. The community at MTG Cardsmith is actually pretty helpful and inspirational, and if you want to see more of those designs I’ve created, you can see a whole lot of them on my profile there:

This will be it for now, but as you could tell I’m sure I’m getting excited and having tons of fun and I will be making more stuff and keeping you posted about them. Until then, have a great week!

Flash draft

Hey all! Just wanted to do a quick post about wizard’s new weekly draft feature. Every week there will be a new draft pool for you to make a quick simulation with. I just did it in a couple minutes, and it turned out ok I think! The link is here if you want to try it out:

I thought I was going to be simic and I turned Golgari in the end. I ended up making a bunch of rare picks at the end too! I highlighted the green/back cards bellow so you could see what the deck might have looked like. Enjoy!

Round 1:
Elvish Mystic
Water Servant
Deadly Recluse
Mark of the Vampire
Time Ebb
Undead Minotaur
Lay of the Land
Undead Minotaur
Altar’s Reap
Cyclops Tyrant
Angelic Wall

Round 2:
Elvish Mystic
Liliana’s Reaver
Rumbling Baloth
Dark Favor
Liturgy of Blood
Groundshaker Sliver
Mark of the Vampire
Angelic Accord
Nightwing Shade
Galerider Sliver
Grim Return
Merfolk Spy
Zephyr Charge

Round 3:
Rumbling Baloth
Predatory Sliver
Briarpack Alpha
Mark of the Vampire
Minotaur Abomination
Wild Ricochet
Giant Spider
Burning Earth
Brindle Boar
Ranger’s Guile
Shadowborn Apostle


Also quick shout-out to the anonymous creator of the following planeswalker, that I find quite nice and mostly spot on for treefolk flavor. I would have to give more thought to the power level, but so far I’m thinking it’s mostly reasonable.

And that’ll be it for this late week post, I hope you enjoy the diversity of posts recently! I’m itching to create more cards though, so you can count of a more meaty update soon. Have a nice weekend!