Back To The 80’s

Hey everybody! I told myself this week wouldn’t be a top-down design week, but something happened that made me lie. It was a design idea from a friend that I based myself on, and it lead me to a great flavour match and topic. Here is it:

Gremlin BreederGremlin Breeder. The original idea is to make a morph card that can flip up and down repeatedly and create tokens. In Khans block, goblins are the best to make tokens, especially because morph reminds us of something a little more organic than hiring warriors for example, at least in my mind. Who could best illustrate this effect? Gremlins!
I know blue is a little unexpected here, but I just had to use water to create more of them.

The fact the creature is a 3/1 is very important to make the flipping interesting, and the sorcery speed of the ability should prevent the token making from being even more annoying.

Ghost TrapGhost Trap. I won’t insult you revealing which 80’s classic movie it was inspired by. What I can tell you though, is this one’s flavour was a tricky one to follow as well.
The idea was to have an expensive colorless removal – 8 manas for the first exile – which could be used again, but with the risk of letting all the captured creatures run away free again.
Helvault tells me I probably still costed it too low, especially for an uncommon, but costing aside I think it’s a fun design. It does need to be prohibitively expensive though. Exiling spirit tokens repeatedly is a nice flavour touch that shouldn’t break it either.

I promised I would give you an update from Grand Prix San Jose. It was fun! Though we didn’t get great results… Team sealed is hard and it made us want to train for it some more. It’s great to see a lot of people – and a lot of famous ones as well – and play Magic all day. Fate Reforged is full of bombs and I haven’t gotten a great grasp of the new cards yet but I’ll be working on it!

That being said, I’ll be seeing you next week so you all have a great one.