I made a pie!

Hi guys, how is this week treating you so far? I have had random bits of inspiration recently, and they led to some sweet cards I’d like to share with you. Turns out each one of them is in a different color, so hopefully we can please everybody. Let’s not waste time and proceed through them in WUBRG order.

1398816476532764Rika, Three Faced turns out to be one of my favorite designs of the week. She is basically a 2/2 first strike that attacks and blocks with two other ephemeral 2/2 illusion soldiers.
If might remember Geist of Saint Traft, which is very strong, but can be handled as it’s just a 2/2. Well Rika is slightly stronger with first strike, but only comes with 2 vanilla 2/2. That should make her fairly reasonable, she might not even need to be a mythic. Three white mana slows her down a bunch, and is both flavorful and pretty sweet in Theros.
I played around with the idea of giving the tokens first strike, or the illusion ability, but one was too strong and the other too weak.

1398989957990931Fool’s Paradise. This is a top-down design, which is actually the case with most of my designs.
The idea is to get something that seems powerful, but is also very dangerous and temporary. The mechanic to implement that is borrowed from Illusions of Grandeur, and look, that’s the illusion ability again – sacrifice the creature when they get targeted.

+2/+2 in blue is a little weird, but not with the illusion ability – see Illusionary armor. I do like that the life loss becomes more inevitable as your creature become more fragile. Trivia: based on the eponymous track from Symphony X.


Undead Slaughterer is straight forward and brutal. It comes into play, kill something, gets big – hopefully -, and starts beating down.

How to tune down a kill spell that comes in with a potentially big creature, for less than 6 mana? Well for one thing it can’t kill black creatures – did I say I didn’t like to resort to this mechanic? Sorry… I need to figure out another downside that I like better.

Undead Slaughterer can’t block either. Is that enough? Still pretty good, isn’t it?


1398783291852837Atomize is also a flavor-base design.
The idea is that you are striking VERY. HARD. Atomize strikes so hard the target isn’t indestructible anymore, and takes 13 damage. So hard that it destroys a mountain in the process – which reminds me of Dragon Ball! Atomize is so mean, all players take 3 damage in the process.

Losing indestructible I find excellent and fun, destroying a mountain should be downside but could be upside, which is crazy. Finally adding 3 damages to players makes it so nice and complex it needs to be a rare.

1399334647365165Volarian Witch.

Sometimes you see Avenger of Zendikar and you want to make it into a sorcery. And sometimes you find such an amazing art that you have to change you plans.
I would love to see more plant tokens like those, the issue is I’m assuming they are a little too powerful. In all fairness I don’t really know what kind of power we are dealing with here, I guess a lot when you play them early. I would need to play test that.

Meanwhile, Volarian Witch looks awesome.

So what’s your verdict, which color wins it this week? I think my favourite is green, the second is white. Next week, unless I’m having one of those inspirations streaks, I’ll get back to my mono-colored article series. Or maybe I’ll play around the last Gods from Journey into Nyx… Whatever happens though, have a great week!