Shiny Things

Hello everybody, welcome to episode number 135 of Ominous Designs. Today I have two very different cards that have one thing in common: they are gold.

Keeper of ThornsFirst Keeper of Thorns.

I danced around this one for a while. The idea was to enable a Mana dork to produce up to two mana every turn, of different colors and for one life each.
I toyed with the untap symbol but it was too hard to make not broken, as untapping for mana isn’t a good idea.
I also tried to separate abilities with a “only once a turn as a sorcery” writer but that was too messy.

I’ve been very split on the power level of this card but I think Joraga Treespeaker tells us it is ok, possibly even at uncommon.

Xeral Betrayal IncarnateAnd now a huge three-colored Demon Wizard: I present to you Xeral, Betrayal Incarnate.

The main idea was to punish players for stealing permanents but I figured such a narrow ability should come with the second one.

I came up with the idea of exchanging creatures. Xeral now has a lot of potential, especially in multiplayer and it also comes with the danger of hurting yourself, has all demons should. I usually try to stay away from huge Timmy designs but I find myself wishing I could try that one out in a game of Commander. It looks like a ton of fun.

And that’s it for the day! This time I was hoping to have an easier time implementing my creative concepts than is ultimately turned out. It wasn’t so bad though and I’m ok with the results. I hope you enjoyed and that I will get good feedback on tweaking and balancing them.

Now it’s time to say see you next week and have a great 4th of July weekend!

Scary Things

Hi everybody! This is Ominous, writing to you for episode 121 of Ominous Designs. This week we are still playing around the dark themes of Innistrad, with new scary designs. We will probably hang around here for another week or two, so I hope you like gothic horror setting. Now let’s get started, shall we?

Staff of PunishmentOur first card today is Staff of Punishment.
This design was inspired by the /r/custommagic community which is currently looking for a cheap artifacts for their cube. I wanted to make Staff the cheapest possible artifact that can ping. One is the cheapest I can do and I really want to keep one mana as well for the activation cost, to protect against crazy combos. I’m relatively convinced that for this cheap it needs to hurts its owner as well.

On top of just trading up or even destroying small creatures, it can be used just to reduce both players life total every turn, like a small Sulfuric Vortex.

Aymon Who Cheats DeathNext is Aymon, Who Cheats Death.

This one gave me some trouble. I wanted to make demon that would grant you cards for killing your opponent’s creature. The problem is if your opponent has a sacrifice outlet they can kill you on the spot by making you draw your entire library!
I had to limit this to the first time each turn to prevent endless activations. It’ll be challenging, do make your opponent’s creatures nearly immortal and I don’t know for a fact that it’s worth it to transform kill spells into cantrips that do nothing. At the very least it’s interesting to think about. Play with Decree of Pain for added Hilarity.

It’s going to be it for today, we’re making it a short article. I hope you enjoyed the designs, I’m keeping some very tasty mechanics for next week. Hope you look forward to that and until then I’m wishing you a great week