Pick Me!

Hey all! Welcome to Bullzzai, November 11th edition. This week we are going to look at a couple build-around-me card. From two different formats, but you are about to see that so might as well get to it.

Rethik Scout InstructorRethik Scout Instructor is our first card, and has been inspired by the Remaking Magic podcast contest.

The idea is that this guy would be a limited build around uncommon, giving you a good incentive to draft more haste and first strike creatures. First strike can be a great ability to have in red, as many creatures have a greater power than toughness.

My first idea was actually to have scout be a red card that only gives first strike to haste creatures, but I couldn’t resist the symmetry of having it go both ways and be a Boros card.

Ylhen Flamefeather WhispererYlhen, Flamefeather Whisperer.
This one is a top-down design, one I love the flavour of. Phoenixes are undying birds made of fire, right? What if we had a legendary creature resurrecting birds into phoenixes? This one begs to become your new commander.
What should a phoenix token be though… I played around with haste but it didn’t make much sense after a death trigger, so I settled for a dragon-like token.
Weirdly enough, the hardest part was to pick a color for this creature. I start with Gruul colors, but had to somehow force white and blue as those are the bird colors in magic…

And that does it for today! Hope you enjoyed this week’s food for thoughts, this one in particular might inspire you some combos, deck and other creations as this is what build-around designs are made for!

Time for me to stop talking Magic custom designs and start… Well working, really. See you next week!