Magic amateur designer’s tools

Hey there, how has it been since the last time?

So I’m looking forward writing a few articles here, and I figured I ought to find a good magic card software to give life to my designs. I do have a requirement that I don’t feel like installing software. It’s 2013! The creator’s tool will have to be online. unless I really need extra features and don’t like what I find on the web, I won’t download a windows/mac program.

Let’s review a couple of them, and pick the one I’ll try to stick to. To do so, let’s pick a design and use those online editors to create versions of the card. I won’t go into the details of that one, but I find it fun and not *so* far from being balanced.


The FalseBlue Magic

  • Saves your previous work (I wouldn’t rely on it).
  • Fairly simple.
  • I don’t like the mana symbols.
  • Pretty non-flexible, with its two abilities and small rule text box.




createcardMtg Cardmaker

  • Magnificent rendering.
  • Choice of edition symbol.
  • Custom copyright etc text, if you’re into that.
  • Easy symbol buttons.
  • Limited to making “classic” cards.




1374282695Mtg Cardsmith

  • Nice aspect.
  • Very nice to use website.
  • Good sharing abilities.
  • Can make sweet planeswalkers.
  • Couple of fun edition symbols, albeit not real ones.
  • Weird passive ability showing after the activated ones (maybe I couldn’t figure it out).




Shenafu’s Card Creator

  • Good visuals (the illustration glitch is my fault).
  • Lots of different styles like classic, modern, futuresight…
  • Got to learn the syntax for special symbols. There’s lots of them though.
  • Doesn’t have picture upload or crop.
  • No edition symbol.
  • Gets out of bandwith every now and then.



f64Construct a

  • Hybrid card backgrounds.
  • Fairly easy to use.
  • Good looks.
  • Weird edition and mana symbols.
  • Couple of quirks with fonts and line breaks.




So let’s pick a winner 🙂

  1. Mtg Cardsmith. Sweet website, easy to use, pretty cards. What else do you want? I hope I can figure out how to order the text though, because this is a little annoying.
  2. Mtg Card Maker. A little simple but if you wanna go for simple, use it over Cardsmith.
  3. Construct A Good, but there’s enough choice here to not have to use that one. Use it for hybrids.
  4. Shenafu’s Card Creator. Some downsides but has lots of fun backgrounds. Also I used it quite a bit in the past so it gets a little bump for free.
  5. FalseBlue Magic. Sorry buddy.

There you go. That was a lot of card making. I’m pretty happy I got to know those websites, and now I’ll have all the choice in the world if I want to do something special.

I hope this will help you make some awesome cards; then send them to me! 🙂