Ending the Endless

Hey everyone, are you ready to take things where we left them last week? We are taking care of the three remaining members of the Endless today, Death, Dream and Delirium. This should be fun!

DeathOur first design is Death. It is probably time to acknowledge some critical aspect of the cycle. The cards aren’t supposed to be as powerful, omniscient and eternal as the Endless are. This is why Death isn’t just indestructible or neither can she kill any creature. I did consider making her shuffle into your library though.

Someone mentioned that I could have kept deathtouch instead of giving it to Despair and I agree. Instead I used Wither, for the inevitable aspect of Death and the idea of decay with age. It definitely makes for a more subtle than flashy death, much like Death of the Endless herself.

Delight / Delirium. Sorry for the spoilers, but Delirium used to be the incarnation of Delight. By the way, someone reminded me that Incarnations exist in Magic, so I switched away from using Avatars.


We know little about Delight, but isn’t gaining life when you were already gaining life delightful? I’d say it is. We don’t know what turned Delight into Delirium, so I opted for an event that says “the happy days of having tons of life are over”. It’s allegedly very easy to get there but why not, we want to see Delirium more than Delight anyways.

As for Delirium, again I tried to not fall into the trap of overstating things. I didn’t aim at making the most disturbed, random and chaotic card possible, or try and drive everybody insane. So I went for one of the red representations of madness in Magic, discarding at random. I did wanted Delirium to be red, because of her unpredictability.
Now ultimately 3/1 first strike with upside might still be a little overkill, even with the condition on it. You will tell me what you think.

DreamFinally, we are welcoming the Sandman himself to close this cycle! Dream will allow you to cast all creatures from the top of your library, with a downside. If you are familiar with the comic book, you know that dreams are all but illusions, but I do believe that it fits for a Magic crossover.

This might make him a reasonable version of a cheap Future Sight, but we would have to test it as it is still a very powerful ability to have for only 4.

There is an aspect of Dream I could have used for another two sided card, but I prefer not discussing that sort of spoiler here.

I am sure there are many different possible version of the Endless to be created as cards, and you know what, there are a lot of different version of the Endless themselves in the universe – or multiverse! So I guess that fits the bill. What you can see here are only a fragment of all the Endless evoked for me, and I am thankful for that.

I hope you enjoyed them, I am looking forward to discovering what next week is going to be about! Have a good one, you all.

Seven Heaven

Gotta bank on the catchy titles. In this week’s episode, I set up to take on the unreasonable task of creating a cycle of 7 top-down designs! In a predictable plot twist, I then decide to split this into a two-part miniseries and leave half the cards for next week, after a tense cliffhanger.
But what is the theme, you ask, quite fairly? Let us discover it together.

tumblr_lg03vwvqzE1qevtjco1_500The Endless, from the amazing Sandman comic book series!
If you don’t already know it and are the tiniest bit open to alternative story styles, do check it out; this is the best piece of advice you will hear all week.
Note that this article is a spoiler in the sense that those characters aren’t introduced right away, but if you can deal with that much it’s going to be interesting so keep reading!

The Endless family is composed of 7 brothers and sisters, each one the personification of a fundamental concept attached to the existence of all beings. I won’t spoil any more than their name/concept now, 4 of them to be precise as I will keep the rest for next week.

DespairWe start this megacycle with Despair. Ideally I would have named her Despair of the Endless, but it won’t fit on most of the templates for other members of the family.

As hinted by her name, she is the personification of misery. To reflect that, I made sure any contact with Despair would have a dreadful impact.

Deathtouch is the obvious way to go about it, and the discard and -1/-1 effect when hitting a player represents your opponent and all their creatures being stricken by desperation.
Quite bleak, isn’t it?

DesireDesire is Despair’s twin, embodying one’s longing for what they want and don’t have.

In life as inside the comic book, Desire often is destructive and the related emotions are quite fitting for a red card. As such, Desire will allow players to pay with some of their life to control the object of their fancy, albeit for a limited time.

In a classic red manner, this design leads to somewhat chaotic gameplay and it’s unclear how to truly take advantage of it. It shows a flavor and design challenge of creating neutral avatars who impact the whole world and don’t take sides.

DestructionNext is Destruction, who I don’t imagine I need to present in too much detail.

Being the avatar of breaking everything, it would fit nicely in green or red, quite possibly the combination of both. Somewhat I like the idea that my Endless are purely focused on one color though, flavor wise.

My focus was to create the bringer of a lot of destruction, while not making him a busted design. As such I shied away from land destruction, but admittedly I just didn’t have that much time to spare to further the design… Any better ideas?

DestinyLast we have Destiny. Destiny knows all that has and will happen.
In order to reflect that, I opted to make all player know what would be happening in the next few turns by revealing their hands and the top card of their libraries. This is another symmetrical effect and that’s what made it white in my mind.

I’m not sure why you would want that, though it can help both playing counter magic and warn your opponent about it. All in all it could make for a tense type of gameplay. I like the idea of making Destiny a simple entity without a huge body, which fits its style and white creatures too.

That wraps it up for this week! Good stuff, I loved making an homage to one of my favorite storylines ever. As usual I could have spent a little more time polishing those but hey, try and write articles every week; it’s not always easy!

Hope you liked them though, I think they came out entertaining. Next week should be good, as I kept my favorite characters for the end! Until then have a great week, and see you again soon.