If This Then That

Another computer science pun! The video for this article is called “Switches” (link here) and it also hints at today’s designs are checking for some information in order to have different effects, somewhat like programming languages work. Fascinating, isn’t it?

volarian-wildernessVolarian Wilderness

Volarian Wilderness will ask that you reveal the top card of your library at every upkeep, reward you with a token based on the card you revealed.

About a third of your deck – lands – will get you a 1/1 insect, while the rest will either give you a 3/3 beast or a 6/6 wurm, based on how many high mana cost cards you have put in your sixty – or fourty, or one-hundred? – cards.

I feel the card is somewhat similar to Primeval Bounty and it’s hard to tell if it is better or worse.

This one is quite a bit weirder. Activate the golem and what you will get is a copy of either a spell or a creature.

The price is quite high – 5 mana in two colors – but it has potential to have some devastating effect! The way I see it, even getting a “free” spell should be kept in check by having to pay 3 for a creature and 5 for an activation. I could be horribly wrong though, so do let me know if that’s the case!

To me, the ability reads like a “draw a card” that has you cast the card for a nominative fee.

What do you think about the cards of the day? I find them interesting. The enchantment might be tweaked but it’s the gold that has the biggest potential for ridiculousness. So hopefully I didn’t go too wrong with it. You tell me!

Now’s time to say goodbye and see you next week though. Play responsibly!


Beam me up, Scotty

Hello again, hope you are all having a great week so far. I have to say I am pretty pleased with this whole “I thought I was going somewhere this week, but I ended up creating something slightly different” dynamic that seems to be happening more often that not. It makes it all feel more like an organic creative process.

I had a couple designs in mind for today, but the first one led to the creation of a brand new mechanic. In turns I saw the opportunity to bend my second design to showcase that mechanic some more. Today I am introducing to you the Izzet ability Teleport.

Bringer of Storm and FireBringer of Storm and Fire. Not that excited with the name but it’s ok. This one is an attempt to fix Shrieking Mogg which was pretty dysfunctional.
Introducing Teleport, an ability that will possibly be controversial as really it is an alternate casting cost with flash – as all abilities by default, but I opted to mention it in the reminder text.
Myself, I think it is good to have fundamentally trivial abilities with a keyword, as they offer a template for slightly more complex effects. See Monstrous and Renown.
Bringer works many ways. With open mana defensively or at the end of an opponent’s turn, during your turn, before or after attacking.

Kahu CommandoKahu Commando.

That one I had in mind for a while but I decided to bend slightly to make use of Teleport.
You can now use it as a 2/1 with Force Spike and some upside for 2UR! The new version is quite wordy but I think it gets there – maybe barely.

From this design you could go many ways. Do we want the Disrupters to counter only noncreature spells? Mane the cost to pay 2? Create the tokens every time you cast a spell?
Many ways to adapt this design but regardless I really like the idea of the disrupter tokens.

DisrupterBefore we finish, here is one of those pretty disrupter tokens. It might help you wrap your mind around the design.

And that wraps it up for the day! Like I said I think Teleport opens a great space for designs of cards you could cast at either sorcery or instant speed for different effects. I do believe red isn’t an ideal space for flash effects, but Izzet is.
I would love for it to be extended to all colors, much like Evoke, but keeping a creature you casted at instant speed doesn’t feel right across the board. If you guys have any idea what to do about that, do let me know!

Either way it is now time for me to wish you a great week, and I’ll be talking to you again next time! Have a good one.

Filling the Gaps

Hi all. Something happened this week. Or rather something didn’t. I wasn’t inspired by anything. It is a pretty occurence, as it doesn’t take much to get my creature juices flowing. It’s not like I haven’t checked out /r/custommagic every now and then, I was just too busy with work I guess.

Worry not! Do you know what we do when not inspired? Well, there’s a few different strategies, but when you don’t have the time to just patiently listen to the muses, add some method in there! What I set up to do this week is to catch up on lacking areas of my creations this year, figure out what is currently missing from my 2015 portfolio and make up for it. Let’s see what it takes to make my legacy complete!

Well spoiler alert, we are going to need more instant and sorceries. Lots of them. I am afraid nothing I will do today will fully compensate for the head start creatures have had so far – 23 or so creatures compared to 3 instants and 3 sorceries in 2015 – but we are going to make it worth our time.
I pinpointed two more things missing. First, I didn’t create many gold cards this year, and none one with my two least represented colors either, blue and green – apart from a certain Sultai Smiter, as you might guess of Sultai colors. Second thing, there are no commons! I actually consider this an utter failure, as a game maker really needs to be able to handle simple and elegant designs.

Kerathan ExperimentSo here it is, Kerathan Experiment. I have a little trivia for you: do you know how many Simic common sorceries there are in the history of magic? One! I’m not the only one needing to work on that apparently.

There are a couple things green and blue have in common and I wasn’t inspired by: ramping and bounce – I wonder how so many bounce effects made their way into Simic cards actually.

Instead, I leaned towards the aspect of spell-creating tokens and I think I have an interesting and clean one here. Tell me what you think!

Command the WindsNext is Command the Winds. As it turns out, blue was the least common color among my designs this year, and yet I have made two blue instants already! We are focusing on sorceries today. Even better, I had not made a card-drawing spell yet, here is a good occasion to do so.

What flavour do you add to a common draw spell? It isn’t that easy to figure out! I did find one though, drawing more when you control flying creatures.

I thought about it closely and Command the Winds is definitely both balanced, limited playable and interesting enough in that field. It isn’t exciting but I could run it in control decks. Would you?

What would you say of my latest efforts. Commendable? It is good to work on a mandate – albeit self-assigned – for a change, creation can’t always be wild and free. Delivering on pieces needed for the overall health of the game is also a very important part of game design.

Hope you enjoyed it, I’ll see you next week for more!