Magical Poultry

Hi all! This year I have been encouraged to make a thanksgiving special episode. Since it isn’t easy to create straight forward magic designs about holidays and eating a lot, we are getting an Un-article today!
As you might know Unglued and Unhinged are the two silver-bordered, humor-driven sets brought to us mainly by Maro. The designs you are about to see are made in a similar fashion. We have 4 cards today! Might as well get started right now.

Young FeatheredYoung Feathered. Our first turkey card!

Let’s first acknowledge quickly that it is a terribly cute creature.

This one sports a powerful version of the Rootwalla ability that also comes with the Thanksgiving twist of having you express your thankfulness.

At the risk of overloading the design, I opted to add a “vegetable” clause as well, to help with this theme I am trying to push for and you will see more of in the next cards.
How do you like the little turkey-bear?

Feathered CannibalFeathered Cannibal. Not so cute anymore…

When I saw this illustration I knew it had to become a card for this article, and it was pretty clear as well it was going to be black.

Sacrificing turkeys seems obvious as well, though I will admit that the card ends up looking too much like a regular magic one.

This un-article was somewhat of an improvised thing, so I actually didn’t have a genius funny mechanic ready. Have players come up with things to say is an amusing thing to do though.

To-FeatheredTo-Feathered. Get it? Like Tofurkey…
There had to be a card for vegetarians as well; we don’t discriminate here.

I am pretty happy with both vegetarian themed abilities but I have to admit the “illusion” part definitely overloads the design. It is coming from the joke of it being an illusion of a Turkey, since it’s not actually a bird… I hope you find To-Feathered at least a bit funny because it was the whole point!

Compared to Gossamer Phantasm and Phantasmal Dragon I suppose it is under-costed.

Memory Leek

Memory Leek.

As a final entry for this article, I want to re-post this design I made a few months ago since it inspired the “vegetable” theme you can see in the turkey cards.

Memory Leek is some sort of Shadowmage Infiltrator focused on milling your opponent, and it desperately needed more vegetable cards to be played in its limited environment.

While I actually only made one today, you can see how I pushed for that design space on other cards.

That will do it for this foodie episode of Bullzzai designs. Now I want to mention something about the teaser I published last week. I still need to take more pictures and make time to do a full post about it, so instead of publishing the whole story today I will give you another picture and confirm that yes, my girlfriend managed to download over 200 designs from this blog and have them printed! We have play-tested them twice so far and it’s a blast.


Look forward to knowing more about those! Until then, hope you have a great thanksgiving and I’ll see you next time.

Very Punny

Hey everybody! Got you a special episode today, it’s time to get goofy. The new designs this week are based on word play, which I promise will be better than it sounds. Have a look, see for yourself.

Gob SmackOur first card, Gob Smack – get it? – I tried to make somewhat playable. I’m basing myself on Fling and making it better, sorta.
Being able to sacrifice multiple creatures sure is practical, even though goblins most likely won’t be very big. I didn’t want to allow a player to sacrifice all the creatures he just used to attack with though.
As it is now, I figure you can either attack with your little green dudes or throw them at the enemy for the same effect. This very much make it a Falter effect of sorts – which should be reasonable – with an extra instant speed component to it.
Memory LeekMemory Leek is based on… Mana Leak. Now the hilarious part is I thought Memory Leak existed until a moment ago! It really should, it’s a great name.
Memory Leek though… It really had to be a silver border card. So I went all the way and busted out the sweet old fashioned frames for you.
The idea is that there would be a vegetable theme, which I believe I’ve seen before on reddit and is a great idea for an un-set. As a card it is very reasonable in power level. On one hand 1/3 semi-unblockable for two is pretty good, and on the other the mil effect is relatively low impact.
Fun stuff? Good stuff? At least you have to give me that it’s good to change things up a bit once in a while. I hope you enjoyed the cards, I will be back next week for more traditional designs.
Until then, have a great one!