My own edition

Hey all!

You know what it’s the last time I’m going to make excuses for taking my sweet time to post, cause… There’s a chance it stays that way for a while. Lots of work, lots of side projects! I’m still working on my app (little less this week); it’s doing well but need more of a marketing push, and I’m still fixing bugs, currently stuck trying to add google play achievements to it, eheh.

Also! I decided to put Skies of Arcadia aside for now. Remember me talking about making a full extension? Well turns out it takes a lot of time to do that! I decided to make a 150 (more like 170) set, and I have a spreadsheet of all the cards to put there. I’m telling you, trying to balance the card types, converted mana costs, powers, rarities AND mechanics is hell of a challenge.

So I figured I could showcase some of the cards I’m making, instead of going through the pain of featuring and adapting my old designs on top of trying to make slightly under 200 new balanced and creative cards. Here is a couple of them:

For the little story, the illustration on Akri Miner comes from a graffiti that was made at the treasure island music festival quite recently. When I saw it I quickly thought of the original illustration on Llanowar Elves, by Anson Maddocks. Needless to say I was inspired to make a card that would remind all of it. Also know that drows are underground dark elves in the worlds of dungeon and dragon, the most famous one being Drizzt

I quite like it that way, even though I think the final version of “burrower” will just make it unblockable to flyiers. What do you think? Let’s ramp in black!


Now on to Seli, Mage Killer. I think I will work on the name some more. I wanted to pack some punch in her design, and was inspired by the recent semi-cycle of competitive 3 drops from M14, Lifebane ZombieWitchstalker and Mindsparker.

The protection against shamans and wizards is cute and flavorful, and might even be relevant once in a while, especially if I create some more wizards. The ability to be unblockable when attacking planeswalkers is the one I’m the most proud of. I think it’s something that should exist somewhere in standard, and to be fair it should be put on a creature that’s mostly meant to do that.

Now I still wasn’t satisfied with the abilities on Seli. First one was cute, second one was niche, but Seli could still be dealt with pretty easily and definitely wasn’t standard worthy if not fighting a planeswalker. So I guess I just made her a little stronger when fighting controlling mages… If somebody uses a removal spell on her, it will cost them another nonland permanent. High price for a white, blue or black control deck. Especially since they don’t have all that many permanents. I guess could make is free for them, but I can’t imagine leaving the land option all the time, do you think I’m wrong? Control decks like their lands, I guess…

I kinda wish I could see Seli fight her way against a Theros Esper deck, or bash into Garruk, Domri Rade or Xenagos…

That’s it! You have been introduced so some of my most specific work on my new edition. Hope you are eager for more and that I will have more to give soon. Have a great week! 🙂

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